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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Furnish 10 High resolution Landscape Photos or the Photo-album and Exhibition purpose - Instructions

Cir. Memo. No. 01 /2021/Manabadi nadu nedu Dated: 05-01-2020 - School Education dept - Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Nadu - Nedu (Before and After ) - phase-I Schools - Furnish 10 High resolution Landscape Photos - Certain instructions issued.

In Naadu - Nedu Phase-I (15,715) Schools were taken up with 9 components. Most of these works are nearing completion. In order to show-case the improvements in schools infrastructure through Nadu-Nedu, it is proposed to prepare a photo album

 In view of the above, all the DEO's and APC's in the state are hereby requested to furnish the Nadu Nedu ( Before and After ) high resolution photographs for the Photo -album and Exhibition purpose. Please furnish at least 10 photographs.

1) Main School building ( 2 in No.s)
2) Toilets
3) Drinking water system
4) Benches / Desks
5) Fans and Lights
6) Chalk boards
7) Compound wall 
8) Painting works

All photos should be before and after execution of work. Please ensure that the photos are sent to this office in hard copies and upload through one drive link https://apschooleduar: my sharepoint.com/s/personal/designcell cse apschooledu in/Enkodnfaca5kr:OTROZYje:BEXSKfQH3fSTAS W-ecUpw?e=d2etay by 10th January, 2021 without fail.

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