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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Headmasters and Teachers of all Municipal Schools to enter/upload required data of schools, staff, students etc., in ERP Module

Roc.No.21023/4/2019/FC/ESEC, Dated #ApprovedDate - C&DMA - 2020-21 - System Integrators for Design, Development and Deployment of Application- School ERP Module - Data Input and usage - All Municipal Schools - Certain Instructions - Issued- Regarding.


1)G.O.Ms.No.295 MA&UD (D1) Department dt: 22.11.2019.
2) G.O.Ms.No.216 MA&UD (D1) Department dt: 22.12.2020.
3) This office circular Roc.No:.001/2019/FC-2, dated 04.10.2020.

The attention of all the Commissioners of the ULBs, where Municipal Schools exists is invited to the references 1st & 2nd cited. The Government have approved the Annual Education Work and Finance plans under Transformation of Municipal Schools Project. Among the other components, development of Municipal Schools ERP is one of the component. It is further informed that, the Municipal Schools ERP was developed and conducted pilot in 17 ULB’s and also provided training for entering data/operation of ERP to the selected personnel. Now the module is ready for go-live and placed at C&DMA website for usage. The credentials for login by the Head Masters and Teachers were communicated.

Further it is informed that, during the teleconferences, detailed instructions were issued to the Municipal Commissioners to complete the data entry in the Municipal Schools ERP. But, it is observed that most of the schools are not entered the complete data, though they have registered in ERP module. Necessary instructions are also issued to complete the data entry, immediately, during the video conference held on 05.01.2021.

Therefore, all the Commissioners of ULBs, where Municipal Schools exists, are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the Headmasters and Teachers to enter/upload required data of schools, staff, students etc., in the Municipal Schools ERP Module and ensure it shall be completed by 20.01.2021. 

Further, the Municipal Commissioners are requested to map the Ward Education Secretaries to the Municipal school/schools in the jurisdiction of their Ward Secretariat for the purpose
of data entry in Municipal Schools ERP Module. The procedure to be followed for data entry is available in You tube link given below: (

Further, if any technical assistance is required while entering the data in School ERP module, the Headmasters/Teachers are directed to contact the technical Person for rectification. If necessary, can contact the concerned State Academic Coordinators (SAC).

All the RDMAs in the state are requested to guide the Municipal Commissioners in the matter and monitor the progress of data entry by the ULBs on daily basis and ensure the above instructions are complied with by the Municipal Commissioners in their region without fail.

(This has approval of the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration)

Encl: School ERP Module User Manual

Download copy

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