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Payment of deferred Salaries,Wages, Remuneration, Honorarium, Pensions G.O.Ms.No.97 Dated 30.11.2020

Payment of deferred Salaries / Wages / Remuneration / Honorarium / Pensions

Finance  Department –  Disaster  Management Act,  2005 - COVID-19 Pandemic  -Payment of deferred  Salaries /  Wages /  Remuneration  /  Honorarium  /  Pensions–Orders-Issued G.O.Ms.No.97  Dated  30.11.2020 

Read  the following:- 

1.  G.O.Ms.No.26,  Finance  (HR-V-TFR-AL-EWF)  Department,  Dt:31-03-2020 
2.  G.O.Ms.No.27,  Finance  (HR-V-TFR-AL-EWF)  Department,  Dt:04-04-2020. 
3.  G.O.Ms.No.37,  Finance  (HR-V-TFR-AL-EWF)  Department,  Dt:26-04-2020 
4. G.O.Ms.No.44,  Fin(HR.V.TFR.AL.EWF)  dept.,  dt:22.5.2020. 5.  Council  of  Ministers  Resolution  C.R.No.209-2/2020, Dt.27.11.2020

   In  the  reference 1st  read  above, the  Government  have deferred  the payment  of Salaries/Wages/Remuneration/Honorarium/Pensions  for  the  month of  March 2020 in view  of the COVID-19  pandemic  & the circumstances as  explained  in  detail  in  the said order.  

Subsequently, orders  were  issued  vide  the reference 2nd  cited,  exempting the employees  of  Medical  &  Health Department,  Police  Department &  Sanitation  workers from the  purview of  the deferment in  view  of  the  high risk  prone nature  of  their  services. 

In  the  reference 3rd  read  above, the Government  have issued  orders  for the payment of  full  pension to  all  the  pensioners  from the  month of  April  2020 onwards  & for continuation  of the deferred  payment  of the Salaries/Wages/  Remuneration/  Honorarium for the  month of  April  2020 in  respect of  the other  categories. 

In  the reference  4th  cited,  the Government  had taken the decision  to  pay  the Salaries/Wages/Remuneration/Honorarium  in  full  from  the month  of  May 2020  onwards, duly  effecting the  recoveries/deductions  as  applicable  pending payment of  deferred salaries/pensions for the months  of  March  & April,  2020. 

The  Government,  after  duly  considering  the  hardships  being  faced by the  persons drawing  the salaries/wages/Remuneration/Honorarium/Pensions  from  the Government / Universities / Corporations / PSUs / State  Autonomous  Bodies / Boards,  etc. hereby  order  to  pay the deferred  Salaries / Wages /  Remuneration / Honorarium / Pensions for  the  month of  March, 2020  in  the  month of  December, 2020  &  the  deferred Salaries / Wages / Remuneration /  Honorarium for the  month of  April,  2020  in  the  month of January 2021, subject  to  adjustment  and  recovery  of  all the  applicable  deductions and recoveries. 

All  the DDOs shall  take necessary action  as per the above  orders & submit supplementary  bills  duly  effecting the  deductions  and recoveries  in  respect of  each employee/person  for  the deferred  Salaries/Wages/Remuneration/Honorarium/  Pensions for the  month of  March 2020 in  the  month of  December  2020  and the  deferred Salaries/Wages/ Remuneration/ Honorarium for  the  month of  April  2020 in the  month of January  2021,  so  as  to  credit/adjust the  same  to  the  relevant head  of  account. 

The  Special Chief  Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Secretaries  to  Government, DTA/ PAO/  DWA/ Registrars  of  Universities/Heads  of  Corporations/PSUs/  State Autonomous Bodies,  all the  Drawing and Disbursing Officers  of  HODs/  Secretariat Heads are requested to  take  suitable  action  in  this  regard. 

The CEO, CFMS, A.P.  Ibrahimpatnam  is  requested  to  take further  course  of action in  the  matter. 

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