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Tuesday 15 December 2020

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Closure of works, adjustment of materials, procurement of materials etc Instructions

Circular no: 1300545/MBNN/2020, Date: 15/12/2020 Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - certain instructions on closure of works, adjustment of materials, procurement of materials etc - regarding 

Ref: Instructions given in the Video conference on 9th December 2020.

The target for completion of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu given by the Govt is 31st January 2020. And most of the civil works are at the verge of completion. Certain central procurement materials are completed except in few schools. In this context following guidelines are issued. 

2. Further no new tasks/works should be started like beautification works, walkways, etc. All the tasks and works taken up should be completed immediately. 

3. Except NABARD works, cement may be procured locally from Revolving fund as small quantities cannot be supplied by cement companies. In case of NABARD schools where the quantities are bigger than 500 bags. The same may be procured from companies. 

4. There are hundreds of cement invoices pending with HM s, Mandal engineers. We need to upload all of them. Majority of them are about multi schools invoices. At mandal level MEO or Mandal engineer shall sit with HM s and sort out the issues in uploading the invoices. The problems if any may be brought to the notice of the Advisor and TCS through APCs or DEO s or SEs or EEs. Report 4.11 is now available for this purpose to closely monitor. 

5. In the same way, sand may be procured locally if small quantities are required to finish civil works immediately. 

6. Electrical works and Major & Minor repair works may be closed in STMS at an earliest after completion of all the tasks. All the parent committees are requested to close the expenditure for labour and material for these works 

7. Wherever fans are not fixed by the supplier, the parents committee may fix it by engaging their own electrician to avoid delay. Wherever fans are not supplied by the supplier the parent committees may be purchased from local market. Only brands like Crompton, Havells, Usha, orient, bajaj should be bought. Further M/S Crompton company will not supply the fans as they have completed their agreement quantities. 

8. Similarly, wherever sanitary ware is not supplied by the supplier the parent committees may be purchased from local market. Only brands like CERA, RAK etc (brands as per the circular issued earlier) should be bought. Further M/S CERA company will not supply the sanitary ware as they have completed their agreement quantities. 

9. There are many schools where they exceeded admin sanction if they procure all the quantities they indented. 

10. Many schools have indented more furniture, green boards etc than they require. HM s and Parent committees should use the existing old furniture and cut their indent for new furniture. If already new furniture is procured the same should be shared to other schools where furniture is not supplied. Through TEO system the expenditure can be transferred from surplus school to needy school. 

11. In case of painting work the following prudent saving methods should be adopted a. Colouring for long compound walls having more than 3 acres shall be avoided. Colouring should be done only on road side wall. b. In case of less than 3 acres schools, the colouring should be avoided on rear side / back side compound wall. In any case the colouring should be taken up as per the circular given on painting work earlier. c. Wall arts also should be done on road side elevation only d. Please ensure that the Berger company engage trained painters, and equipment like sanding machine, water jet for the purpose of cleaning the surface. 

12. It is to be ensured that the bills of all central procured material are uploaded to CFMS regularly. 

13. Ensure that all primary and upper primary schools upload the indent for smart TV. Similarly, all ensure that all schools upload indent for their drinking water system. 

14. All HMs shall convene the Parents Committees every week and take decisions collectively for every rupee they spend. 

15. All Joint Collectors Development shall deploy the QC teams of the implementing agencies and see that the quality material is procured and the workmanship is ensured. 

16. The District collectors and Joint Collectors development, DEOs, SEs, EEs, APCs focus on the above issues and expedite the progress of Nadu Nedu works and close the program before 31st January as contemplated by the govt.

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