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Monday 28 December 2020

Jagananna Ammavodi 2020-21 Latest Instructions 28.11.2020

Rc.No. 27/2020-PLG–CSE Dt: 28/12/2020

Sub:- School Education -Planning - NAVARATNALU Jagananna Ammavodi Programme Financial Assistant ofRs.15,000/- per annum to each mother or recognized guardian who is below poverty line household and sending their children to Schools/Colleges i.e., from Classes I to XII (Intermediate Education) - Implementation for the academic year 2020- 2021- Certain Instructions- issued–Reg. 


1. This office Progs. Rc. No. file no ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLGCSE, Dt: 09.12.2020.
2. ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLG -CSE, Dt: 07.12.2020, 21.12.2020, 23.12.2020, 26.12.2020, 27.12.2020, towards implementation of AMMAVODI for the year 2020-2021. 
3. G.O. Ms.No: 63 from the School Education Department Dated 28.12.2020. 
4. Teleconference taken up by the Principal Secretary, School Education with Joint Collectors (VSWS) Dt: 28.12.2020 


While communicating the Government Order issued in the reference 3rd cited, all the Joint Collectors ( VSWS), Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational officers in the state are hereby informed that on 21.12.2020 the lists of eligible, ineligible and withheld students along with the details of their mothers were hosted in https://jagananna ammavodi.ap.gov.in/so as to enable to download in pdf format by the school headmasters, Mandal Educational Officers concerned with their login credentials.

2. During the discussions dated 28.12.2020, it has been decided to it has been proposed to include the Intermediate 1st Year data and display the related eligibility list in the previous schools where the students have studied 10th class. Joint Collectors (VSWS) shall issue necessary instructions to their filed functionaries to verify and complete the process by 30.12.2020 without fail.

3. Further, it is also informed that the Headmasters have been provided with the following facilities:

  • a. Correction of Aadhar Number 
  • b. Correction of Account Number of Eligible Mothers 
  • c. Making eligible to in – eligible 
  • d. Tagging of Active drop out students 
  • e. Orphans confirmation and Bank Account opening 

4. Towards Challenging Six- Step, those candidates that are put in the ineligibility list, necessary provisions have been made available at Gram / Ward secretariat. The mothers/guardians who are contesting against ineligibility (six step validation) may submit their grievances with proper evidence in their Gram / Ward secretariats through 6 Step Validation Grievances Portal. 

5. The disposal of such appeals shall be as per the SoP followed for redressal of grievances under Six Step Validation done through Village and Wards Secretariat. 

6. The Special Commissioner, Intermediate Education and Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education is hereby requested to monitor the said program as per the directions given by the Government and also discussion held with CMO officials and ensure to complete the process by 30.12.2020. 

7. Therefore, all the Joint Collectors (VSWS), Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational officers in the state are requested to bestow their personal attention and issue necessary guidelines to the filed functionaries to follow the above instructions without fail.  

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