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Monday 2 November 2020

Re-opening of Schools in AP Standard Operating Procedure and Safety protocols to be followed - Instructions by DSE

Memo Rc.No.191/A&I/2020 Dated:02/11/2020 School Education - COVID - 19 - Re-opening of Schools and Learning with Physical/Social Distancing - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Health and Safety protocols to be followed in all schools functioning under all managements for the academic year 2020-21 - Certain Instructions issued - Regarding.

Ref: G.O.Rt.No.216, Dated:01.11.2020 from the School Education (Prog. II) Department, GOAP.

The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference cited, wherein the Government has issued orders for reopening of schools from 2nd November, 2020 in a graded manner i.e., Classes 9th to 12th from 2nd November, 2020, Classes - 6th to 8th from 23rd November, 2020 and Classes 1st to 5th from 14th December, 2020 for all schools under all managements duly following the COVID-19 protocol.

Further, during the video conference held on 30.10.2020, the Hon'ble Minister for Education, A.P has informed that, the Primary, Upper Primary & High Schools Head Masters, Teachers and Parent Committees concerned are instructed to have a discussion among themselves on 1-11-2020 with regard to preparedness of re-opening of schools on the scheduled date as prescribed above on all activities and preparation of detailed School Level Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on their infrastructure facilities, No.of rooms, No.of toilets, availability of teachers, sanitary workers for sanitation, disinfection of schools etc, keeping in view of the SOPs given by Gol, MDM, SE Dept., Health Dept., and Transport Dept., GOAP.

Further, informed that, a Control Room has to be placed at the district level in all districts in the State to update the information of all details i.e., attendance of teachers, students, absenteeism of teachers, any untoward incidents, etc., to the State Control Room, 0/0 DSE, A.P by 01.00 PM everyday without fail. Accordingly, the DEOs are requested to take necessary steps to place a senior officer and clerical staff in the District Control Room to furnish the information timely.

Further, as per the directions of the Government vide G.O.Rt.No.216, telugu translation of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for opening and running of schools as directed by Government of India is herewith communicated in Telugu translation for wide dissemination and to create awareness among the heads of the institutions, teachers, parents, students and the general public on the SoP.

In view of the above, all the RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to issue the instructions to the field level functionaries that, all Primary, Upper Primary & High School Headmasters, Teachers and Parent Committees are requested to discuss with regard to preparedness of SoP for reopening of schools as specified in the G.O and works pending under Nadu - Nedu Programme (10 components) and take necessary steps for pending works if any, disseminate the SoPs of Gol, State SOP, Transport Dept., SOP, MDM SOP and Health SOP to create awareness among the stake holders and furnish the details of officers & contact nos of respective District Control Rooms and the details of State Control Room will be shared to the districts.

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