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Launching of Reading Literacy Campaign 20th November, 2020 - Guidelines

We Love Reading campaign


Sub:- AP Samagra Shiksha - Quality Education – RMSA - Launching of Reading Literacy Campaign 20th November, 2020 - Detailed guidelines for implementation of “We Love Reading campaign” (Foundational Reading Literacy) - Certain instructions – Issued - Reg. 

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1. Minutes of the meeting with Principal Secretary, Director of School Education and State Project Director, Samagra Siksha. 

2. This office Procs.Rc.No.001/Director RMSA/SSAP, dt.21.10.2020. 3. G.O.Rt.No.220 of Government of Andhra Pradesh, dated:-12.11.2020. 


The reading skills of our students are far below than their respective academic standards. Without bothering about the reading abilities of children, the total system is focusing on syllabus completion and year end evaluations alone. Its the dire need of every person in the education system has to see that every student is able to read the books of their standard. Reading helps students to develop better critical and analytical skills and cultivates confidence and creativity among students. 

Hence, the ability to read with comprehension is a necessary foundation and an indispensable prerequisite for all future schooling and lifelong learning. The habit of reading can best be inculcated and nurtured at the early stage of a student's life and there is dire necessity to have a time bound action plan. In this gigantic task, all the stakeholders including parents, community and civil society organizations should actively be involved. The Head masters and Teachers should play a key role in the entire programme. 

In this context, Government have issued orders for implementation of this special initiative entitled “we Love Reading” a mission mode programme to promote Foundational literacy skills among students of Class I to Class IX. In this mission mode programme, all children are provided with different avenues at School, home & village to read in a joyful environment. Teachers, parents, youth, retired persons, academicians, NGOs etc. will have to take lead role to run the program to the fullest extent.  

Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers, Principals of DIETs and all the Additional Project Coordinators of Smagra Siksha in the State are requested to take up the following preparatory activities before the launch of the programme. The programme will be launched on 20th November, 2020 on the occasion of “National Library Week”. The necessary Government orders are herewith enclosed for further necessary action. 

• The inauguration cum launching of the programme in all Districts and Mandals shall be taken up on 20th November Programme has to be planned.  

• The Soft copies of Logo, Poster cum banner, brochure are annexed to this procs. The expenditure to be incurred for printing and supply of these material to all Mandals to be met from management cost of the respective District Project Office of Samagra Shiksha. 

• All the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to issue instructions to all the Head Masters of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools in their districts to follow up the activities of this “We Love Reading” campaign. 

• To visit the schools and instruct all the Head Masters of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools under all managements except Private Unaided Institutions to follow the guidelines scrupulously and see that no student will be left behind their class specific reading skills 

Further informed that the baseline assessment is conducted for Class IX students on 04th November, 2020 for which the data was submitted from Districts concerned through google sheets which shows that even some of IX Class Students cannot identify letters and read words. An immediate action plan should be taken up for Class IX Students to achieve required reading skills. Similarly, baseline assessment test also to be conducted for Classes III to VIII soon after their reopening of schools and the assessment papers will also be communicated to respective districts for further action.  

In view of the above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education(RJDSEs), District Educational Officers(DEOs), Principals of DIETs, Additional Project Coordinators(APCs) of Samagra Shiksha are hereby requested take necessary action for smooth and successful implementation of the programme in the State duly following the orders issued by the Govt cited. The copy of the orders are herewith enclosed for information and necessary action.

For any queries on this campaign implementation please contact Smt. V.Vijaya Durga, 9866571213, Sri TVS Ramesh, 9246434715 coordinators of this programme. 

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