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Sunday 29 November 2020

Clarification on availing Local Holidays and OHs for 2020-21 by DSE

School Education – COVID – 19 – Re-opening of Schools in a graded manner and Learning with Physical/Social Distancing for the academic year 2020-21 - Certain Instructions issued – Regarding.


1)G.O.Rt.No.2745, General Administration (Poll.B) Dept., GoAP.,Dated:05.12.2019. 
2)This office Circular.Rc.No.151/A&I/2020, Dated:12.10.2020 
3)Director, SCERT., A.P Prcogs.Rc.No. ESE02/702/2020-SCERT,Dated:30.10.2020. 
4)G.O.Rt.No.216, Dated:01.11.2020 from the School Education (Prog.II) Department, GoAP. 
5)This office Memo.No.191/A&I/2020, Dated:02-11-2020. 
6)This office Memo.No.151/A&I/2020, Dated :20.11.2020       

In continuation to the orders issued in the ref 2nd to 6th cited, the attention of the all Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the reference 1st cited, where in the Government have declared the holidays ie., General Holidays & Optional Holidays during the year 2020. 

Further, it is informed that, there are still 3Optional Holidays available in the year 2020 i.e., 30th Nov, 2020, 24th & 26th,December, 2020.     

  Further, vide Director, SCERT Procgs Dt-30.10.2020, it is clearly mentioned in the page no.7 of Academic Calendar that, all Optional/Local/Discretionary Holidays shall be availed proportionately with the prior approval of the respective Inspecting Authority.            

 In this context, all the under mentioned officers are requested to issue instructions to the field level functionaries that, Optional / Local / Discretionary Holidays will be availed proportionately i.e., not exceeding 4 days for the academic year 2020-21 in the matter.       

 This has got the approval of the Director of School Education, A.P.,Amaravati.   

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