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Tuesday 27 October 2020

Parent declaration / willing letter of private school students admitted in Govt Schools

As per Proc.Rc.No.13029/11/2020-EST 3-CSE Dated. 27.10.2020 In case of admissions from private schools to Government schools the concerned Headmaster has to take undertaking from the parent of the child along with Aadhar Number duly stating that the parent is willing to admit their children in the school and TC will be submitted later. The Headmaster (including High School) should handover the parent declarations to the concerned MEO duly counter signing on the declarations.

Memo Rc.No.151/A&I/2020 Dated: 23/06/2021 a time limit of (30) days is permitted to obtain the record sheet / TC from the school where from he / she is seeking transfer to the new school.

Further, the concerned school management, from where the child is seeking to transfer to a new school, has to furnish the Transfer Certificate (TC) to the child immediately (30 days permitted due to Covid-19) and if any delay occurred on the part of the headmaster towards issuance of transfer certificate, he / she shall be subject to disciplinary action as per the section 5(3) of RTE, Act 2009.

However in case of children belonging to migrant families, either migrating into the state or migrating out of the state, no TC/record sheet shall be insisted for giving admission in any educational institution from Class I to Class X in the state

Download Parent willing letter of private school

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