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Engagement of Sanitary Workers under School Sanitation

School sanitation workers

(Director of Mid Day Meal a School Sanitation, Andhra Pradesh)

Memo .No. ESE02-27023/1/2020-MDM -CSE, Dated:30.10.2020 School Education - School Sanitation - Engagement of Sanitary Workers under School Sanitation Request to insert certain guidelines - Proposals Submitted - Reg


1) Instructions of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of A.P during thereview meeting held on 03.06.2020. 2) Instructions of the Principal Secretary to Govt., School Education Dept., during the review meeting held on 04.06.2020. 

3) Lr.No. ESE02-27023/1/2020-MDM-CSE, Dated 20.08.2020 of this office 

4) Memo NOSEDNOCSE/887/Prog-1/A1/2020, Dated:20.08.2020.

5) Proc.Rc.No.ESE02-28021/21/2019-MDM-CSE,Dated:15.09.2020 6) Proc.Rc.No.ESEO2-28021/21/2019-MDM-CSE,Dated:14.10.2020

In continuation of the 5th and 6th cited, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to take the necessary following steps on the engagement of Sanitary Workers.

a) The parents committees shall engage the sanitary workers on outsourcing of service basis, based on the students' strength as mentioned in the above references. Parents Committee shall pass the resolution and record the minutes in registers.

b) The remuneration is to be given as per the reference given above by utilizing the donations made out of Ammovadi scheme. F6or paying remuneration of sanitary workers in each month, the Parents Committee shall pass resolution and record minutes in the registers.

c) The Headmasters and Parents Committee shall monitor the cleaning of the toilets daily and the sanitary workers should be asked to clean toilets minimum thrice in a day. d) If the performance of sanitary workers is not good, the Parents committees can discuss and remove the non performing person(s) after passing resolution and recording minutes and can engage other suitable person(s).

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