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Tuesday 22 September 2020

GPF | ZPPF | PF Similar Funds Interest rates from July 2020 to September 2020 G.O.RT.No.2403

Provident Fund - Interest rates on  General  Provident Fund (Andhra  Pradesh)  for  the subscribers of  GPF and other  similar  funds  at the rate of  7.1% (Seven point  One percent)  per  annum with effect  from  01.07.2020 to  30.09.2020  for  the year  2020-21 - Orders - Issued G.O.RT.No. 2403 Dated:  22-09-2020. 

Government  after  careful  examination of  the matter  hereby  ordered to carry the rate  of  interest  at 7.1% (Seven point One  percent)  per  annum  for  the period  from 01.07.2020  to  30.09.2020  during  the year  2020-21  on  the  following Provident Funds and  other  similar  funds maintained  by  the  Government  of  Andhra Pradesh  on par with rates of  Government  of  India. 

  • a.  The  General  Provident Fund (Andhra Pradesh)  Rules1935 
  • b.  The  Electricity  Department  Provident  Fund  Rules. 
  • c. Emergency  Cut and  Compulsory  Saving  Rules, 1949. 
  • d.  Government Distilleries  Employees  Provident Fund 
  • e. Andhra  Pradesh Government  Life  Insurance Fund. 
  • f.  Andhra  Pradesh Employees  Welfare Fund  Rules. 
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