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Friday 17 July 2020

MBNN - Demo Schools selected in the districts - Execution through Parent Committees Revised Administrative approval for Demo Schools

Procgs. Rc. No. MBNN/ 1175572/2020 Date: 17/07/2020

School Education Department -MBNN - Demo Schools selected in the districts - execution through Parent Committees - certain items executed which are not covered in original sanction - Revised Administrative approval for Demo Schools - approval -accorded- Regarding.


It is informed that, there are about 30 schools are identified as a Demo Schools and are allotted to District Officers to have a special attention and all facilities in the schools to have good environment to study the students in fair atmosphere equal to corporate schools under MBNN programme.

The Demo Schools entrusted for execution through three Executive Agencies i.e, APSS, APEWIDC, M&PHD. The Implementing Agencies to executing the works through Parent Committees based on the G.o.Ms No. 87 & 22 of School Education Department. During the execution of Demo Schools under MBNN Programme, the state level officers from school Education Department are inspected the schools along with Engineering staff as well as the District Officers. During their inspection some following additional amenities are advised to provide in the Demo Schools which were not included in the original sanction estimate for which revised administrative approval to be provided.

1)Dining Halls provided in some schools 
2) Kitchen Sheds provided in some schools 
3) School Dias (Stage) provided 
4) Additional Toilets provided based on the students strength 
5) Granite Tiles Flooring provided in place of damaged existing flooring 
6) Raising of height of the existing compound wall provided and 
7) Land scraping provided in some schools to get good environment.

Accordingly, the executing Agencies of APSS, APEWIDC, M&PHD engineering staff requested to execute the above additional 07 items through Parent Committees which were advised by the State Inspecting Officers of School Education  Department.

The concerned incharge District Officers of Demo Schools and the concerned Parent Committees of Schools requested to provide Revised Administrative approval for the Demo Schools for effecting payment to the PCs.

Download proceedings, Sanctioned amount of demo schools
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