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Wednesday 17 June 2020

APRS 5th, 6th, 7th Class 2020-21 Admissions - Withdrawal of conducting screening test - Random Selection (Drawl of Lots) - Guidelines

School Education Department - APREI Society, Guntur - Procedure for Admission of students into class 5th and filling up of the back-log vacancies in class 6th and 7th in APR Schools from the academic year 2020-21 - Withdrawal of conducting screening test - Implementation of the Random Selection (Drawl of Lots) - Guidelines - Orders - Issued.

G.O.RT.No. 121 Dated: 17-06-2020

Read the following:-
1 Govt. Letter No.408740/TRG/A1/2015, Dated:22.12.2016.
2 Opinion of the Advocate General vide Lr.No.157/2020, Opinion No.9/2020, Dated. 01-06-2020.
3 From the Secretary, APREI Society, Guntur Rc.No.ESE53- ACAD0ADM(VC)/2/2019-ACCD, Date:08/06/2020.

In the reference 1st read above Govt. accorded permission to the Secretary, APREI Society, Hyderabad for conducting admission test for admission of students into Class-V and to fill up backlog vacancies into Class-VI & VII in all APR Schools in the State for the academic year 2017-18 and for the subsequent years in future as was done earlier duly following the procedure/guidelines in vogue.

In pursuance of the promulgation of the Right of children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (RTE) 2009 on 1/4/2010 and as per Section 13(1) of the RTE Act, no screening test should be administered for admission of children into Elementary Schools.

In the reference 2nd read above the Advocate General has opined that in AP Model Schools on doing away with the entrance test for admissions into classes VI to VIII and of the view that any entrance test for the purpose of admissions to the subject schools for elementary education is violation of the
provisions of the RTE Act 2009.

In the reference 3rd read above the Secretary, APREI Society, Guntur has requested the Govt., to implement the Random Selection Method for Students of 5th class and filling up of the backlog vacancies of class 6th and 7th in APR Institutions to take up the admission process from the academic year 2020-21 in APR Institutions duly withdrawing the conduct of Screening Test.

The Government after careful examination, hereby accord permission for making admissions through Random Selection Method (Drawal of Lots) instead of conduct of Screening Test into class V and filling up of the back log vacancies in class 6th and 7th in all the Residential Schools in the State with the following guidelines:-

I) The Secretary APREIS shall make admission independently by adopting random selection procedure.
II) Selection shall be made in a decentralized manner at the District Level.
III) A separate notification is to be issued inviting application from the student afresh.
IV) Application fee is Rs 50/- each may be collected from each applicant who is applying now.
V) All the Principals of the Residential schools should strictly follow the provisions of the Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Act, 2009. Any violation in this regard in making admissions shall be viewed
seriously and the principals will be held responsible personally.

a. A State wide Notification for district wise vacancies in all Residential Schools across the State shall be issued by the Secretary, APREI Society, Guntur.
b. All applications for admissions shall be submitted through on-line designed by the APCFSS duly paying the prescribed application fee through online.

a. The District Collector shall constitute the District Level Selection Committee for selection of students into V class with the following Members.
CHAIR PERSON:   Joint Collector/Addl. Joint Collector
MEMBER CONVENOR: a. Convener Principal of APR Schools of the District
MEMBERS Officer:
(i) District Educational Officer
(ii) All Principals of APR Schools in the District

On the notified date, the selection of candidates shall be done by drawl of lots by the District Level Selection Committee at the notified public place. The notified public place could be Collectors Conference Hall/Ambedkar Bhavan/Zilla Parishad Hall or any other place found to be convenient and centrally located to the participating public to do the drawl of lots before the People’s Representatives., Welfare Association Members, and Parents etc., present.

a. Drawl of lots shall be done in a manner which is open and transparent on the date notified by the District Collectors. Drawl of lots shall be done in the presence of People’s Representatives, Parents etc. & Welfare Association Members by the District Selection Committee chaired by the JC/Addl. JC as decided by the District Collector.
b. Under the guidance of the Chairman, the District Selection Committee, the Convener Principal shall prepare name slips along with the Serial Number, Name of the Candidate, Address and preference of schools given by the applicant and category SC / ST / BC / OC. Care must be
taken to prepare the name slips in similar size, paper etc.
c. The Convener Principal shall prepare a sheet school-wise indicating the number of vacancies category-wise to facilitate to note down the number of seats filled up in a particular category in that school as and when lots are drawn.
d. A box shall be kept for each school in alphabetical order for each category SC/ST / BC / OC separately for boys and girls.
e. All the name slips shall be jumbled for each category.
f. Separate boxes for each school shall be provided for putting the slips of selected candidates.
g. Separate lots shall be maintained for SC / ST / BC / OC categories and filled up in the same manner, based on the drawl of the lots and the preference of the candidate.
h. Name slips shall be jumbled, and drawn from each lot and allotted in order of the choice of the student subject to availability of the vacancy in the school for that category.
i. Where the seats in the school chosen as first preference have been filled up the second preference of the candidate shall be considered subject to
availability. Where the second preference is exhausted, the third preference of the candidate shall be taken into consideration subject to availability.
j. Where the third preference of a candidate is exhausted, the candidates drawn up by lots will be allotted to a school based on the seats available in order of the alphabetical order of schools.
k. After the completion of the drawl of lots the list of selected students shall be prepared for each school and displayed on the notice board duly signed by the committee members.
l. No changes or mutual changes shall be permitted. The selection of the candidates by drawl of lots is final.

The final selected list of students shall be displayed at the end of the day, on the conclusion of the drawl of lots. The final selected list of students shall be displayed at the end of the day,
on the conclusion of the drawl of lots. The Secretary, APREI Society, Guntur and all the District Collectors shall follow the above guidelines scrupulously, while making admission into 5th class
and filling up of the back-log vacancies in class 6th and 7th in A.P. A.P. Residential Schools.

The entire process of issue of notification, receiving of applications, drawl of lots and publication of the list of the selected candidates school wise shall be taken up by the Secretary, APREI Society and communicate a detailed schedule for admissions, in a manner so as to complete the entire process of the selection.

Download APRS Admissions Drawl of Lots Guidelines
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