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Allotment and Monitoring of Nadu-Nedu works to the Engineering Assistant Gr-2- instructions

Monitoring of Nadu-Nedu works

Allotment and Monitoring of Nadu-Nedu-Manabadi works to the Engineering Assistant Gr-2- instructions issued - Circular Memo No.A4/394/VS-EA/2019 Dated: 10.06.2020

1) Circular Instructions of Superintending Engineer, PR Circle, Guntur, dated 17.01.2020, 12.02.2020, 13.02.2020 & 21052020
2) Memo No.34021/4/2020, dated 09.05.2020 of the Principal Secretary to Government, PR&RD (Prog.it) Department.

       In continuation to the circular instructions issued from time to time by the Superintending Engineer, PR Circle, Guntur vide reference cited, all the Engineering Assistant Gr-II working in Guntur District is hereby instructed to adhere the following instructions scrupulously.
  • To perform their duties as per Job Chart (already communicated).
  • To attend the execution of all Engineering works taken up by various Departments in their jurisdiction
  • They shall look after the progress and completion of all components i.e. Construction af Toilets, Drinking Water Supply, Major & Minor repairs, Electrification, Compound Walls under Nadu-Nedu-Manabadi works.
  • They should upload the progress and achievements in STMS. They are responsible for completion of all components of Phase-1 programme before 15 July, 2020.
  • They shall upload the bills with the coordination of Section Officer (AEE/AE) & Head Master as and when material is procured
  • All the Engineering Assistants in the village secretariat were permitted to sign and recommend the vouchers as per the value of material and labour stage wise for payment for Nadu-Nedu Phase-I programme along with signature of the head master and parents committee representatives with a condition that the vouchers should be got countersigned by the concerned AEE/AE vide reference 2 cited
  • All the Engineering Assistant Grade-II in the District are hereby instructed to supervise the execution of works taken up under "NADU NEDU MANABADI" and construction of Village Secretariat, RBK and YSR Clinic on priority basis and also attend other Engineering Works pertaining to other Engineering Departments
   Further, they should not leave their head quarters and have to attend the Engineering works pertaining to their respective Village Secretariats only. Whenever higher authorities inspect the Village Secretariats invariably, they must be present. If any deviation or negligence noticed in future will be viewed seriously and initiated disciplinary action against the defaulters.