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Friday 15 May 2020

Nadu Nedu- Execution of works Guidelines to HMs Rc.No.1/MBMN/SS/2020 dt.15.05.20

School Education - Nadu Nedu- Execution of works - Certain Guidelines to DEOs, APCs and EEs  -issued - Regarding

The government vide the G.O 1st cited, have accorded administrative approval for taking up infrastructure development in 9 identified components in all the schools under Nadu Nedu. l57l5 schools were identified under phase-l and the works are in progress.

  In this context with respect to the cement supply, the cement companies coordinator informed that cement companies are willing to dispatch the cement to schools directly as per the indent received and they communicate the information regarding the dispatch to the concerned Head Master.
 As per the ref 2nd cited. DEOs. APCs and EEEs ate instructed to direct Headmasters to respond to the calls made by the cement dealers without fail and arrange the laborers well before the lorries/trucks reach the school points to get the cement unloaded. Also instruct the Headmasters not to reject the dispatch of cement bags from cement companies when the truck or lorry arrives. 'The Head Master himself or herself receive the cement or authorize a CRP or one of the teachers or one of the parent committee members to unload the cement. It is also to be noted that the cement bags are dispatched to a group of schools in a single truck/lorry and unloads at a maximum of two sites only. So the Headmasters of the schools where the unloading of cement takes place should be made attentive regarding the arrival of truck/lorry and unloading. Deviation in this regard will not be entertained.
Drivers shall give Rs.2/per bag for unloading charges. If at all the laborers at village demand Rs.3/or 4 per bag. the balance shall be paid by Headmaster from Revolving Fund.
 Further APCs are requested to communicate the same through messages in all manual whats-app groups.

This should be treated as most urgent.

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