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Monday 4 May 2020

Higher Class Allowance Rules, Complete Details, Rates, G.Os

Higher Class Allowance:

క్యాటగిరీ IIIకి చెందిన ఉపాధ్యాయులు 8,9,10 తరగతులకు బోధించినందులకు 2015 వేతన సేళ్ళలో నెలకు రూ. 150/-ల చొప్పున (జిఓ నం.171 ఆర్థిక; తేది. 11.12.2015) చెల్లిస్తారు.

Higher class allowances to Language Pandits Gr. II /Secondary Grade Teachers for Handling High School Classes:
• The Language Pandits Gr-II, who handle High School Classes are eligible for a special pay.
• The Language Pandits Gr-II, possess the qualifications for the post of Language Pandit Gr-I and eligible for the same in accordance the seniority.
• To access the workload for making this arrangement to unnecessary drawl of special pay.
• The special pay is being allowed to the Language Pandits where the sanctioned Assistant posts are vacant.
• Any High Schools running without Language Pandit Gr-I posts and there is workload, the Language Pandits Gr-II is permitted to teach higher classes by allowing special pay.
Download G.O.MS.No. 171 Special Pays And allowances
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