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Thursday 23 April 2020

Relieve the teachers who are working under Work Adjustment / Deputation in Schools/Institutions - Instructions Proc.No.13

Proc.No.13/15/2019-EST 3-CSE    Dated:Approved Date#

Sub:-School Education Department - Instructions to relieve the teachers who are working under  Work Adjustment / Deputation in Schools/ Institutions - Certain Instructions Issued - Reg.

1.This  Office  Proc.Rc.No.1882/Estt.III/2017,  dt.12.04.2018.
2.This  Office Proc.Rc.No.13/15/2019-EST  3-CSE,  dt.09.04.2019.
3.This  Office  Proc.Rc.No.  13/15/2019-EST  3-CSE,  dt.05.08.2019.

        All   the   Regional   Joint   Directors   of   School   Education   and   the   District Educational  Officers  in  the  State  are  hereby  informed  that  this  academic  year  is going  to  be  closed  by  23-4-2020.  In  this  connection  they  are  instructed  to  cancel  the work  adjustments/  deputations    (except  those  deputations  that  have  been  ordered  on foreign  service  conditions  to organizations  such  as  Samagra  Shiksha  offices)  and  on the  last  working  day  of  this  academic  year  2019-20  i.e.,  23-04-2020  with  directions  to the  concerned  that  the  teachers  working  on  work  adjustment/deputation  are  deemed to  have  been  relieved  from  the  present  working  school  and  they  will  be  deemed to  have  reported  to  their  original  places  on  23-4-2020.  This  dispensation  is  allowed  in view  of  the  lock  down  ordered  to  contain  and  control  pandemic  COVID-19.

     Therefore,  all  the  Regional  Joint  Directors  of  School  Education  and  the  District Educational  Officers  in  the  State  are  requested  to  take  necessary  action  in  the  matter and  report  compliance. The  receipt  of  these  proceedings  should  be  acknowledged.

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