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MDM scheme - precautionary measures during and after cooking of meals File No. ESE02 Dt.25.02.20

precautionary measures during MDM

File No. ESE02-27021/17/2020-MDM-CSE Dated:25.02.2020

         The District Educational Officers in the state may be aware that a sixyear-old boy accidentally fell into a container filled with boiling sarnbar and died of burn injuries. The incident occurred in a private school in Panyam town of Kurnool. The student Master Purushotham Reddy, a kindergarten student, fell in the vessel while trying to pick up his plate during lunch time.
        To avoid occurrence of such untoward incidences necessary precautionary measures are to be taken in all schools during and after cooking of meals under MOM scheme.

The District Educational Officers are, therefore, requested to ensure that
  • The kitchen should be dean, adequately lighted and ventilated and have sufficient free space for movement.
  • Kitchen should be separate from classrooms, preferably located at a safe and at accessible distance.
  • As far as possible, the layout of the kitchen should be such that food preparation processes are not amenable to cross-contamination from washing vegetable / cereals/ Pulses/etc).
  • Mid Day Meals Should be served under the inspection of School Head Master / School Teacher.
  • The H.M. or School Teachers must instruct the Cook Cum Helpers regarding precautions to be taken to avoid any untoward incidents while cooking.
  • The children shall not be allowed to enter into the Kitchen.The Kitchen and serving place shall be separate. The cooked containers shall be
  • under the observation of the Cooks and teachers till completion of serving
  • meals.
  • The Children have to sit in a proper way and the CCHs have to serve the meals.
  • Daily one teacher on rotation basis shall be appointed to monitor the cooking and serving of meals.
  • Make sure the knives are out of the Teach of children and teach the knife safety
  • tips to prevent injury.
  • CCHs shall never cook in loose clothes and keep long hair tired back ta avoid catching fire.
  • Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove so that the children do not grab them, and adults can't bump into them. .
  • Wipe up spills immediately and keep the door dry so that no one slips and falls.
  • The vessels containing cooked food/curries shall be covered With lid properly.
    The District Educational ers are further requested to take required steps to disseminate these guidelines to schools without fail.

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