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APTF 1938 State Level Educational Cultural Conference for 3 days from 20th October 2019 - OD for Teacher participants Rc.No. 115 dated. 15.10.19

 Rc.No. 115 dated. 15.10.2019
School  Education - APTF - Organising 19th state Level Educational Cultural Conference for 3days from 20th ,21st, 22nd October -2019 at Sri Venkateswara Jnana Mandiram,Guntur - On Duty permission for Teacher Participants - Orders Issued.

        Under the Circumstances explained by the President,A. P. Teachers Federation (1983) ,Patamata, Vijayawada,A. P ,in the reference 2nd and 4th read above and powers delegated in the G.O 1 St read above ,the Commissioner of School Education is pleased to accord ON DUTY facility to the Teachers those who have attended the 19th State Level Educational Cultural Conference for 3 dats from 20th,21st,and 22nd October -2019 Which is  Conducted by APTF (1938) at Sri Venkateswara Jnana Mandiram, Guntur Subject to the following conditions and submit Compliance report :
a. They should not be dislocation of teaching work and instructions hours in schools.
b. The purpose in Conducting the Conference / Seminars by the Teacher's Association should be for the improvement of Educational Standards in the Schools and academic mater's.
c. There should not any financial Commitment to the Govt.
d. The office bearers of the association teacher delegates and observers should discuss only academic issues and send the resolutions / minutes deliberations / proceedings of such Conference / seminars  and list of participants to the Commissioner and Director of School Education for due to Consideration and also to the Concerned DEO soon after the completion of the Conference with out fail 
e. The Association should submit the agenda items to be discussed in the conference will be in advance  to the CSE and they should take prior  permission from the CSE.
f. The association should issue attendance certificates to the participants so as to anable them to produce the  same to the concerned hard at institution for treating the period of absence as ON DUTY.
g. If the association is failed to implement the candidates above, further permission and correspondence will be stopped and action will be initiated for de- recognizing  the Association.

    Therefore , all the District Educational Officers   in the state are requested to issue necesssary instructions to the HM/ MEO/ DYEO Concerned to obtain prior written application from the Teachers and permit them to attend the 19th State Level Educationat Cultural Conference for 3 days from 20th, 21st and 22nd October 2019 which is conducted by APTF (1938) at Sri Venkateswara Vignana Mandiram, Guntur and provide O.D facitity subject to condition on receipt of the attendance certificate issued by the President/General Secretary, Andhra Prodesh Teacher's Federation, Vijayawada.
Any deviation in the matter viewed seriously.

This has got the approval of the Commissioner of School Education.

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