Friday, 4 October 2019

Appointment of Sri A. Murali, IAS (Retd.,) as Advisor (Infrastructure) to School Education Department G.O.RT.No.265 Dated: 04-10-2019

SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT – APSSA – Advisors – Appointment of Sri A. Murali, IAS (Retd.,) as Advisor (Infrastructure) to School Education Department – Orders – Issued. 
SCHOOL EDUCATION (PROG.II) DEPARTMENT   G.O.RT.No.265    Dated: 04-10-2019
 Read the following:-  
1. G.O.Ms.No. 89, Finance Dept., dated, 16.07.2015 2. G.O.Ms.No.80, General Administration (POLL.A) Dept,Dt:01.06.2018 3. e-File No. SSA-11034/15/2019-ADMIN-SSA,(Computer No.981420) received from the SPD, SSA, A.P.              
 In the circumstances reported by the  Commissioner of School Education, A.P. and the State Project Director, SSA in the reference 3rd read above, Government hereby appoint Sri A.Murali, IAS (Retd.) as Advisor (Infrastructure) to School Education Department. 
 2. He shall be paid the pay and allowances as specified under the Category R of GO.Ms.No.80, GA (POLL.A) Department, dated 01.06.2018. The expenditure shall be met from State Project Management cost of SSA, Government of Andhra Pradesh.   
3. The terms of reference are as follows:  
 i. He shall report to Principal Secretary to Government, School Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh,  
ii. He shall advise the Principal Secretary (SE), the Commissioner of School Education, the SPD-SSA, the MD of APEWIDC, the CE of APEWIDC and other engineering departments who will hold the responsibility of implementing school infrastructure program in the State involving communities i.e. school management committees. especially in advising community contract methodology.  
iii. Ensuring the setting up of the Program Management Unit for monitoring the overall infrastructure program of the education department,  
iv. Providing a strong day-to-day leadership presence; leading, managing and supporting the SSA Team and the APEWIDC team and be responsible for overall project management,  
v. Providing overall programmatic leadership to the various interventions, Innovations in the implementation, Pilots etc related to school infrastructure.
vi. Ensuring convergence and coordination between various stakeholder departments and agencies,  
vii. Identifying mutual synergies and fostering partnerships between the CSE, SSA and APEWIDC and other national/international agencies towards furthering the project, 
viii. Designing and driving the key metrics for the project, 
ix. Establishing a robust monitoring and evaluation framework including feedback loops to the government and supply side players from the ground,  
x. Overseeing marketing and communication within the project (including ensuring efficient service delivery and creating information/communication campaigns to build awareness towards furthering the project)  
xi. Overseeing training and capacity building of staff and ground level functionaries and SMCs to address project deliverables  
xii. Undertaking other tasks as required and/or assigned from time-to-time by the Principal Secretary to Govt. School Education Department.  
 4. The Commissioner of School Education, A.P.  and the State Project Director, SSA, A.P. Vijayawada shall take further necessary action accordingly. 

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