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Ananda Vedika Trainings to Primary, UP, High School teachers from 14.10.2019 to 25.10.2019 guidelines and financial norms

Mandal Training:
1. Mandal Educational Officers are the Course Directors for Mandal Level Training to both Primary, Upper Primary and High School Teachers.
2. Depending on the timelines issued in the orders by PO SSA, the MEOs concerned should make arragements for the effective conduct of trainings
3. Two big halls or Classrooms i.e one for Primary and one for High School trainings should be kept ready with proper sitting arrangements to the teachers
4. Ananda Vedika Teachers Handbooks should be supplied to all schools before they attend trainings.
5. Training time tables for primary and secondary teachers are enclosed in annexures 2 an 3.

Training of Primary Teachers:
a. Teachers will be trained on L1 and L2 books of Ananda Vedika
b. All teachers from single teacher schools
c. One teacher from 2 Teacher schools (Preferably Head Teacher)
d. 2 Teachers from 3 or above Teachers strength schools

Training of Upper Primary Teachers:
a. Teachers handling primary classes will be trained on L1 & L2 and Teachers handling Upper Primary classes will be trained on L3.
b. Primary teachers should attend Primary Trainings and Teachers handling Upper primary classes should attend High School Trainings as per the same criteria given above at S.No.4

Training of High School Teachers:
a. Teachers will be trained on L3 and L4 books of Ananda Vedika
b. Teaching staff 1 -10: 2 Teachers of any subject, preferably, teachers handling Ananda Vedika classes now.
c. 2 teachers should be added for every increase of 10 number of teachers.
d. Head Masters attendance to the training is mandatory from each High school, which is additional to the above number.

Teachers from all managements:
1. MEO should take necessary care to invite teachers from the managements like MPP/ZP/Govt./Municipal/Aided/KGBV/APMS/APSWERIES/APTWERIES/A
PREI etc.
2. Head Masters/ Senior Teacher of the Private School Managements (40% of the total Pvt. schools in the Mandal) should also be invited to the training programme.
3. On request we shall train Pvt. School staff too with our DRPs with due permissions from the Commissioner of School Education.

Roles and responsibilities of the Officers during trainings:
1. MEOs and Dy.EOs should encourage all the training participants to watch Ananda Vedika Teleconference before attending the training. Link to Teleconference: It is requested to share the link in all the communication platforms to increase the reach of beneficiaries.
2. MEOs should make provide projector in the venue for PPT presentations by DRPs
3. MEOs/DyEOs should strictly adhere to training timings without any deviation.
4. MEOs should arrange for biometric attendance to the participants
5. Training Time table is attached in the annexure 2 and 3 (all annexures in the
same excel sheet)

1. Budget has been released to the Project Officer, SSA for the conduct of Mandal trainings.
2. Unit cost and financial norms are furnished in the Annexure – 1
3. All TA DA payments should be made through CFMS
4. Payments to logistics or any other related payments should be through online from P.D account
5. Any short falls of budget under any category shall be met from the overall budget with due approvals from PO SSA.
6. Utilization Certificates should be submitted by PO SSA with in 10 days after completion of all Mandal level trainings as per the timelines prescribed in the district planning.
     Hence, all the Project Officers of SSA are requested to follow the above guidelines scrupulously and conduct the trainings as per the time lines fixed. You are further requested to ensure the supply of Ananda Vedika books to all schools before the training starts in all Mandals.
      All the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to monitor the planning, conduct of trainings, attendance of teachers etc. with due instructions to the Deputy Educational Officers to monitor the trainings in their division.

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