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Implementation of APAT Orders in SA Languages Promotions for SGTs Rc.No 2237

SGts Eligible for SA Telugu Hindi Languages Promotions

పండితుల అప్ గ్రేడేషన్ పోస్టులలో SGT లకు పదోన్నతి అవకాశం కల్పిస్తూ విద్యాశాఖ డైరెక్టర్ సంధ్యారాణి మేడమ్ గారు విడుదల చేసిన తాజా ఉత్తర్వులు.
Most urgent/ Court case
           Proceedings of the commissioner of School Education Andhra Pradesh::  Amaravathi.
present: K. Sandhya Rani

Rc.No 2237  dated: 21.03.2019
Sub:  School Education-Filling up of the posts of School Assistant (Languages)  by way of promotion- Implement the orders of the Hon'ble APAT in OA. 317/2017 dated: 10.02.2017 and batch -Orders -issued.

Read:  1.Lr.Rc.996/A3(B7) /2017, dates 22.11.2017 of District Educational officer, Srikakulam District.
2. This office pic. Tc. No. 2237/Estt-IV /2017.Dt:20.02.2018
3. Le. Tc. No. 1450/A3/2017, Dt:  19.12.2018 of the District Educational Officer, Srikakulam district.
4. This officer Le. Tc. No. 2237/Estt-Iv/2017, Dt: 10.02.2019.
5.Govt.Memo.No.499888/Services:II /A2/2017, Dates: 26.05.2017
6.Govt.Memo.No 499888/Services.II/A2/2017, Dated: 20.03.2019.

   While enclosing a copy of the Government Memo 6th read above of the District Educational Officers in the state are directed to implement the orders of Hon'ble APART Dated: 10.02.2017 in OA. NO. 317/2017 and batch in accordance to the Government orders 5th read above and take necessary action in the matter immediately to avoid further legal complications.

        Sandhya Rani Kanneganti
Commissioner of School Education

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