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Wednesday 2 January 2019

Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru2019 Organisation of theme-based cultural competitions on all days Guidelines G.O.Rt. No.1

G.O. Rt. No.Dated: 01.01.2019.

 Read the following:

1. Govt.Memo.No.PLG01/11/2018-PLG-VI(3431), of planning (VII) Department, dt: 23.12.2018
2. Govt. U.O.Note.No. 3431/Plg.VII/6th JBMV/2018, Planning (VII) Department, dt: 28.12.2018.
3. From the Director, Department oLanguage and Culture, A.P., Vijayawada, Lr.No.A1/2170/2016, dt: 28.12.2018


In the reference 3rd read above the Director, Department of Language and Culture has informed, that the guidelines for Conduct of Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV) Programme -2019 in 6th round from 2nd to 11th January, 2019 has been communicated in the reference 1st read above.
  1. Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to make the fruits of its development efforts reach poorest of the poor, marginalized, and such other vulnerable sections of the society. The Janmabhomi programme of the State Government is one successful programme which realized voluntary participation of the local people in the Governance on a massive scale. The programme is also successful in bringing the benefits of the Government initiatives to the reach of these marginalized sections. With an objective to continue the spirit of this programme, Government is schedule to conduct another round (6th round) of Janmabhoomi-Maa Vooru in a festive atmosphere to commence from 2nd January 2019 to 11th January, 2019 in all the Gram Panchayats / Wards in the State. In this round, Government is keen to promote different forms of Art, literary and cultural activities involving all sections of the local people especially from the students and artist community.
  2. In order to make programme a big success and more participatory, the competitions at various levels (Village, Mandal, District, State) will be organized on the following themes:

I. Music

(1)Vocal [for categories 1, 2, 3]

(1) Vocal [time limit: not exceeding 5 minutes]
a) Classical (Solo and group separatelyb) Light Music (Solo and group separatelyc) Folk (Solo and group separately)
(2) Instrumental [time limit: not exceeding 10 minutes]
a) Veenb) Harmoniuc) Tabald) Mrudangae) Flutf) Guitag) Violin
II. Dance [for categories 1, 2, 3] [time limit: not exceeding 10 minutes]
(1)Kuchipudi (Solo and group separately)
(2)Bharata Natyam (Solo and group separately)
(3)Andhra Natyam (Solo and group separately)
(4)Kathak (Solo and group separately)
(5)Folk (Solo and group separately)
III. Theatre [for categories 2, 3] [time limit: not exceeding 15 minutes]
(1)Mono action
IV.Debate (team of 2-5 individuals) [for categories 2, 3] [time limit: not exceeding 15 minutes]
V.Writing Skills [for categories 2, 3]
1. Essay Writing – Telugu and English – [time limit: not exceeding one hour]
VI. Painting [for categories 2, 3] (Time limit to be decided by the jury), and Competition may be held separately for pencil, water colour, and oil painting, if the number of participants are sufficient.
(Time limit to decide by the jury) The categories as mentioned above for competitions are as follows:
(1) Category 1: students in class 5 to class 8
 (2)  Category 2: students in class 9 to intermediate second year
(3) Category 3: students in degree on wards
4. The indicative guidelines for conducting the competitions in the above themes are as follows:
iThese competitions shall be conducted by the Education Department under the overall supervision of the District Collectors. District Collector, Commissioner of School Education, College Education and Higher Education shall issue instructions to the DEOs, CEOs, ZP or MPDOs and concerned officials to involve the sufficient number of teachers and other departmental functionaries to conduct the competitions in a successful manner. Separate juries shall be constituted for all themes of the Cultural Competitions by the District Collector with teacher/ local persons having knowledge in the particular area.
iiThe competitions should be conducted in Music, Dance, Debate, Essay Writing, Painting and Rangoli in each G.P / Ward preferably on the last day of JBMV i.e 11th January, 2019. The winner of various competitions should be awarded on last day of JBMV i.e 11th January, 2019. The winner of various competitions should be awarded on last day of JBMV i.e, 11th January, 2019.
iii All the District Collectors are requested to issue clear instructions to the Janmabhoomi functionaries, jury members.

5. The District Administrations shall direct the Mandal level and village level functionaries to meticulously plan for organizing the events in a smooth manner and for conduct of the competitions in festive environment and make the Janmabhoomi programme a big success.
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