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Tuesday 4 December 2018

Creation of HoAs for TDS/ TCS, DDO – GSTIN Number Updation CFMS Circular 16

Creation of suspense HoAs for TDS/ TCS:
      As per the instructions received the following HoAs are created to to enable the DDOs to deduct TDS/TCS through the bill.
8658-00-112-00-03-003-000 VN – TDS-SGST
8658-00-112-00-03-002-000 VN – TDS-CGST
8658-00-112-00-03-001-000 VN – TDS- IGST

DDO – GSTIN Number updation:

      An option has been provided to all DDOs / PD Administrators to update the GSTIN number in CFMS in their login. As soon as DDO logs in to the system, this option is visible to him / her.

Every DDO, who is doing TDS / TCS has to obtain the GSTIN registration number and update it in CFMS and also DDOs has to obtain the GSTIN of the beneficiary and enter this while registering the beneficiary in CFMS, if the beneficiary is already a registered one without GSTIN then he / she has to contact the CFMS central team to update the beneficiary record with GSTIN.

Deduction of TDS / TCS GST:

      The DDO shall prepare the bill in CFMS based on the expenditure sanction, bill will contain Gross Amount, GST TDS and other deductions and Net Amount. At the time of preparation of bill in deductions dropdown maker can choose the type of deduction i.e. SGST / CGST/ IGST and HoA will be automatically assigned based on the type of deduction.
The amount so deducted will be accounted for against the suspense HoA and DDO code combination.

GSTR-7 Report and Drawal of funds from suspense HoA:

      An option is provided to generate GSTR-7 report in CFMS. For this Head of the Office should assign the workflow to the competent person in his office. To assign the workflow to the competent person, HOO has to login into CFMS, Click on Workflow Configurator Bill Submit tile and then click on OTHERS tab then ADD AUTHORISATION and assign the role to access GSTR 7 Report to the respective person and this person can access the report tile and can generate the report as well as to initiate the payment.
    On the 1st of every month, the authorised person will generate this report for the previous month and all the TDS / TCS transactions details along with beneficiary GSTIN numbers will be displayed. This report can be downloaded and the responsible person will generate a challan in GSTN portal to remit the amount and CPIN number will be obtained.
After obtaining the CPIN number, the authorised person will click on the payment request and enter the CPIN number details and confirm.
     DDOs has to keep in mind that without GSTIN updation, DDOs current account details in CFMS, it’s not possible to complete this process in the system and also, to confirm the GSTR-7 report CPIN is mandatory. After confirmation of GSTR-7 report, the accounting documents will be posted and the transaction will be included in the payment run. Once payment is done through RBI e-Kuber system, the TDS / TCS amount will be credited to DDO’s current account, DDO will remit this amount against the CPIN number provided to confirm the GSTR-7 report and file the return in GSTN portal before 10th of the current month so that the tax amounts deducted will be accounted for in GSTN portal, against the GSTIN holders from whom the GSTDS is deducted.

Download CFMS Circular 16
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