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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Updation of RD Services in Finger Printer Devices - withdraw the non utilized Finger Print devices from schools,Rc.58

Sub:-    School Education Department  –  implementation  of  e-Hazar  Updation  of  RD  Services  in  Finger  Printer  Devices  -  withdraw the non utilized Finger Print devices from schools  –  Reg.

1.Letter  Ref  No.  KDMSL/APSE/201809/0001,  Dt  04/09/2018 of M/s Karvy Data  Management  Services  Ltd.
2.Letter  Rc.No.  58/IT  Cel/2016,  Dt  10/09/2016  of  this  office  addressed to  UIDAI
3.Letter  even  No.  dated  20-11-2018  addressed  the  M/s  Karvy  Data Management  Services  Ltd.

   All  the  Regional  Joint  Director  of  School  Education  and  District  Educational Officers  in  that  state  are  informed  that  the  Department  of  School  Education,  Govt.  of Andhra  Pradesh  is  implementing  the  Aadhaar  Enabled  Biometric  Attendance  System (AEBAS)  at  various  schools  in  the  State  through  IRIS  tabs  and  Finger  Print  Devices.
   Further,  M/s  Karvy  vide  reference  2nd  cited  above  informed  that  out  of  the 37,000  devices  supplied,    20,000  devices  are  dysfunctional  as  per  the  recent  mandates given  by  UIDAI  (Updation  of  RD  services).  Due  to  which  authentication  and  capturing  of attendance  of  teachers  through  finger  print  devises  is  stopped  since,  August  -  2018. Basing  on  the  above,  a  letter  was  addressed  to  UIDAI  requesting  to  exempt  the  Karvy Mantra  devises  being  used  by  School  Education  Department  from  compliance  to  the  UIDAI orders  cited  2nd  above  and  to  permit  the  department  to  continue  to  utilise  the  Mantra devises  til  more  compliant  devises  are  deployed.  So  far  such  an  exemption  orders  are awaited    from  UIDAI.
   In  view  of  the  above,  necessary  instructions  were  issued  to  the  M/s.Karvy  Data Management  Systems  to  with  draw  20000  dysfunctional  devices  from  the  schools  vide  in the  reference  3rd  cited.    In  this  connection,  al  the  District  Educational  Officers  in  the state  are  instructed  to  issue  instructions  to  all  the  Head  of  the  institutions  and  District  / Mandal  Nodal  persons  of  e-Hazar  to  withdraw  the  Karvy  Mantra  devises    not  being utilised  since  August-2018  only  and  hand  over  the  same  to  Karvy  coordinator  duly registering  the  acknowledgement.
    Further, the District Nodal Persons (ehazar) are instructed  to collect the SIMcards inserted in those devices and same should be handed over to State Nodal Person(Ch V S Ramesh Kumar, O/o CSE) immediately for onward  deactivation. The entireexercise should be completed by 30th Nov 2018 and submit the compliance report to theundersigned. The information on the devises handed over shall be uploaded on the CSEportal in the concerned MEO / Dy EO logins.        
    Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to takenecessary steps to complete the above exercise and complete the rationalisation ofdevices within the district to obtain 100% teachers attendance.                                                            

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