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Sunday 25 November 2018

Maintenance of Fly leaf and SLO registers w.e.f. 01-04-2018 Memo.No.HS/7668/2015

T&A dept: Treasury Procedure-Maintenance of FLY leaf and SLO Registers w .e.f 01-04-2018 even in CFSS fo r effective Establishment Audit -Instructions-Reiterated Reg.

    Personal attention of ODs of (13) districts Treasuries IN The states drawn to the above subject. They are aw are that as and when Pay bills/Supplementary bills of emplo yees are passed in HRMS,they are passed only after making relevant entries in SLO Register/ Fly leaf of the employees. CFMS has been intro duced w.e.f 01-04 -2018 and the practice of physical bills is totally dispensed w ith. But Postings/entries in SLO Registers/ Flyleaf required under effective establishment audit/ cadre confirmation has not been dispensed with even in CFMS w .e.f 01-04-2018.

    But during regular surprise inpections of OTA/Annual inspection of district Treasury by JD(SP), it is observed that in most of sub treasuries, entries in SLO Register/ Fly leaf of employees are not being maintained and watch which gives rise to an alarming situation in cadre management issues.

    Hence, it is once again reiterated that before passing of online salary bills In CFMS, entries are to be made in the SLO Register/FLY leaves of employees relating to that establishment w itho ut fail until further orders. This is to be adhered as part of ensuring quality establishment audit in the depts.

    The DDS are advised to instruct all the ATOs/STOs under their control to maintain SLO Registers/ Flyleaf w.e.f 01-04 -2018 and any deviation in this regard w ill be view ed seriously. They should verify this aspect in their annual inspection of Sub treasuries.

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