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Friday 26 October 2018

MDM Procurement and Supply of Eggs Entrusting the work to Cooking Agencies / NGO's Rc.No. ESE02

Rc.No, ESE02-27021/22/2018-MDM -CSE                        Dated: 23/10/2018

Sub: School Education - Mid Day Meals Scheme - Procurement  and Supply  of Eggs  for  the  year  2018-19 for classes | to X at field  level - Entrusting  the work to Cooking Agencies/ NGOs with effect from 1st November 2018 - Instructions Issued — Regarding.

Ref:   1.Govt.Memo No.405505/Prog.I/A1/2016 Dated: 30.06.2018. 
          2.Govt.Memo No.405505/Prog.I/A1/2016 Dated: 23.07.2018.

     The  attention of  all  the District  Educational Officers in the State is invited to the references read above and they are informed that as per orders of the Government, the tenure of the existing Firms for supply of Eggs under Mid-Day Meal Scheme is over. In view of the above, the work orders to the existing Agencies for the supply of eggs-under MDM scheme is cancelled with effect from 31st October 2018.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to make necessary arrangements for the supply of eggs to the children through the Cooking Agencies of the school Centralized Kitchens, as the case be, at the existing price of Rs 4.68/- . The District Educational Officers Further requested to:

  1.  Issue necessary instructions to the field functionaries to purchase the Eggs under Mid-Day Meal Scheme at school level by the local SHG's/Implementing agency or the Centralised Kitchens/NGO's, as the case may be with effect from 01.11.2018 until further orders.
  2. Ensure that 5 eggs are supplied to the children every week (Monday to Friday). In case a holiday falls in the week, the egg shall be supplied on Saturday.
  3. Ensure that the eggs are qualitative and the weight of the eggs is between 4 5 to 52 grams. Spoiled or small eggs shall not be supplied to the children.
  4.  The cost of one egg payable is Rs.4.68 ps including all charges. Thebills for reimbursement of the cost of the eggs shall be submitted to the Commissioner every month with the confirmation the District Educational officers concerned
  5. The data relating to supply of eggs to the children shall be uploaded by the HMsas usual in the mobile application, meant for it.
  6. The field level functionaries shall be instructed to make regular inspections and check the quality and quantity of eggs being supplied to the children and submit feedback in the format. meant for it.

The District Educational Officers are, further, requested to keep the matter under the notice of the District Collector and ensure that the supply of eggs is regular and as per specifications.

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