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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Gnanadhaara to classes 6 to 8 -Conduct of Baseline Test on 31 st of October 2018-Instructions Rc.No.251

Rc.No.251/B/SCERT/2018 Dated: 23.10.2018

1. GO.RT. 109 Prog .II) S.E Dept Dated: 24.05.2018
2. Proceedings Rc No:251/B/C&T/SCERT/20 18 office of the Director SCERT, A.P, Amaravati Dated: 04.10.2018

    As mentioned in Ref. 2, it has been decided that the Gnana Dhaara Learning Enhancement Program shall be launched with a Baseline Test to idcntify students of Class VI. VII and VIII requiring remediation in the subjects ofTdugu. English and Mathematics.

     In light of this, it is decided that the Baseline Test shall be conducted on the 31 st of October. Hence, the District Educational Officers are instructed to communicate the following guidelines to Headmasters of MPUPS, ZPHS, GHS, KGBVS:

  1. The Baseline Test booklet consists of three subjects: Telugu, English and Mathematics.
  2. Each of these subjects are divided into 4 sections [A,B.C.D] and the IOtal marks per subject is 30. The total marks for all 3 subjects put together is 90.
  3. Class teachers must administer the Baseline Test in their classrooms starting from lOAM on the 31 st of October.
  4. Though all the three subject question papers have been combined in one booklet. it is the responsibility of the subject teachers concerned to evaluate their respective subjects.
  5. Marks scored must be noted in the table given at thc top of the qucstion papcr.
  6. Thc cvaluated Baseline Test booklets must be submitted to the Hcadmaster for data enn'y in the CCE portal. Data entry must be completed by tbe 5th of November. The dctails of thc portal shall bc intimatcd later.
  7. Remedial students shall bc identified by SCERT on thc basis of the marks cntered in the portal.

      Therefore, the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to note that the baseline test booklets shall reach thc respectivc Divisional Points by 27th October. All District Educational Officers are instructed to ensure that the baseline test booklets reach schools by the 29th or October.

      The basel inc test must be administcrcd to all studcnts of Classes VI, VII and VIII on the 31 st of October without fail.

This has the approval of the Commissioner of School Education.

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