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Wednesday 15 August 2018

Verification of Secondary Science & Maths Kits- of kits - Orders, List of Kits and List of Schools Rc.No.5101

Rc.No.5101/AWP&B/7.5& 7.7/RMSA/2017 Dt.13.08.2018
Sub:-SE-RMSA-Secondary Science & Maths Kits-verification of kits-OrdersIssued-Regarding.

1. This office Procs. Rc.No.5101/AWP&B/9.1/RMSA/2017, dt.27.03.2018.

2. This office Procs. Rc.No.5101/AWP&B/9.1/RMSA/2017, dt.03.07.2018.                                                           
          All the District Educational Officer & Ex-Officio Project Coordinator of RMSA in the State is invited to the reference 1st read above, wherein the orders have been issued to supply and deliver Secondary Science and Maths kits to the all the Divisional points/ head quarters as per the work orders issued to the M/s. Sujako Interiors Pvt.Ltd., M/s. Chinar Scientific Industries and M/s. Nischal's Smart Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Further they were requested to issue instructions to all the Dy. E.Os concerned to distribute the Science & Maths kits supplied by the agencies concerned to the Head Masters/ authorized staff member by the Head Master concerned of the schools duly taking the acknowledgment from the Headmasters/ authorized person and submit the same to this office with the signature of Head Master and countersigned by the Dy.E.Os. & District Educational Officer & Ex-Officio Project Coordinator of RMSA concerned in the prescribed proforma communicated earlier.
In reference 3rd read above, orders have been issued top the committee members to visit schools physically for verification of Science and Maths kits supplied by the agency in the given schedule and submit the checklist attached to the Proceedings with the signature of Visiting officer, Head Master and subject Teacher.
Accordingly, the committee members have visited some of the schools and submitted the visit reports. As seen from the visit reports, it was observed that few items in the kits not received and broken.
Hence, it is desirable to visit the 25% of schools Deputy Educational officers including of Dy.E.O, RMSA in each District with the support of District & MandaI IT teams in the prescribed format to identify and overcome the discrepancies micro level in the kits supplied by the Agencies, so as to enable us to make pending payment to the agencies concerned.
In view of the above, all the District Educational Officer & Ex-Officio Project Coordinator of RMSA in the State are requested to issue necessary instructions to the Deputy Educational Officers concerned including Dy.E.Os of RMSA in the District to constitute Teams of HMs & teachers to visit schools physically and verify the Science and Maths Kits supplied by the Agencies with the support of District & MandaI IT Team and submit the verification report in the prescribed format through Google Docs to this office on or before 31.08.2018 without fail.
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