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Kerala Flood Relief Contribution - CMRF Deduction Instructions, Procedure - CFMS Circular 15

Kerala Flood Relief Contribution (AP C.M. Relief Fund )


CFMS Circular – 15 Dt. 29.08.2018 
Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is launched on 02.04.2018 and currently being stabilized. One of the main objectives of CFMS, in addition to establishing a Single Source of Truth, is to promote efficiency and effectiveness in public financial management activities. APCFSS is the nodal agency for the implementation, sustenance and support of the CFMS program. Towards this, APCFSS aims at providing seamless services to all the users of CFMS in a structured and focused manner. Every effort has been made to address the requirements of all the diversified departments and individuals. However, during the course of operationalization, users have been reporting issues. While some issues require a change to the design, majority of the issues are related to understanding, adoption, data related and above all patience. Attention, of all the HODs and users is invited to GO MS 40, wherein the Help Desk and issue resolution process is explained in detail. Based on the issues reported so far, the following resolutions and clarifications are being provided and all departmental users are required to make sure that they understand and disseminate the information to all users.
Issue Reported
Kerala Flood Relief Contribution 
(C.M. Relief Fund)
   The Government, vide G.O.Ms.No. 136 Finance (HR V – TFR-AL-EWF) Dept, Dt.24.08.2018, have directed all departments to deduct the amounts as mentioned at para II of the said G.O. from the salaries and pensions of the employees and pensioners for the month of August, 2018 payable on 1st Sept, 2018 towards their contribution for Kerala Flood Relief.

   The Chief Executive Officer, APCFSS, Ibrahimpatnam has brought it to the notice of the Government that many of the DDOs have already submitted salary bills for the month of August, 2018 and they are at different stages of audit and also some of these bills are already passed in the Treasuries and Capital Region PAO.  As the salaries are due on 1st September, 2018 and keeping in view of the holidays in between, if these bills are returned to DDOs to effect the recovery, DDOs have to prepare the bills again, submission and auditing activities of these newly prepared bills will take time and this whole process will cause delay in payment of salaries.

   In view of the circumstances stated by CEO, APCFSS in order to ensure that the salaries and pensions are paid on 1st Sept, 2018 without any delay, it is hereby decided collect the details of employee wise contribution recoverable from the salaries as per the rates prescribed in the said G.O.   Accordingly, the CEO, APCFSS has developed a module in HRMS package and enabled it for all DDOs to collect the details of Kerala flood relief contributions recoverable from each employee

To provide this data, the DDOs have to logon into HRMS system with their logins and fill in the data in respective module.  The DDOs have to first select the Bill id, out of the bill IDs available in the dropdown button. 

Once the Bill-ID is selected, the system will automatically display the employees list included in respective Bill Id along with their e-mails and mobile numbers available in CFMS.
The DDO has to fill in employee category (Class IV, Class III, Non Gazetted, and Gazetted level 1-10, AIS etc.).  The system will automatically populate the recoverable amounts in case of all categories as prescribed in said G.O. 

However, in case of AIS officers, central service officers and others, the amount equivalent to one day gross salary is pre-populated but allowed for modification by the DDO.   The DDOs have to key in the data for all employees in all bill IDs displayed therein.

The DDOs may also change the mobile number or e-mail address of any employee if the existing details need modification.

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts and Pay and Accounts Officer, Ibrahimpatnam are requested to follow up the data collection process to ensure that it is completed by 1st September, 2018.