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Sunday 26 August 2018

How to reset Income Tax e-filing Password

Registered user can reset the e-fling password using one of the following options:
1. Answer Secret Question.
2. Upload DSC
3. Using OTP (PINs)
4. Using Aadhaar OTP

Step I
Open income tax department e-filing portal.

Step II
Once you go to the home page from above link, you will find login page of Income tax site.

Step III

Click on the “Forgot Password” button in the third last line of the dialog box and this page will appear.

Fill in the User ID and Captcha Code appearing there and continue to Reset password page of Income Tax department.

Note :

a. The User ID is your PAN
b. If the taxpayer is visually challenged, he/she can request for OTP instead of image captcha.

Step IV

Once you provide your User ID and captcha code, you will be directed to “Reset Password” dialog box where you will select any one option from the drop-down list and provide mandatory details.

The drop-down list has the following:

a) Answer Secret Question

b) Upload DSC

c) Using OTP

d) Using Aadhaar OTP

Option 1 :

The taxpayer has to answer the primary and secondary secret questions which he had answered at the time of registration. OR

 Option 2 :

The taxpayer can use his unique registered digital signature(DSC) and login to his income tax department portal. OR

 Option 3 :

Resetting password with new email and mobile number on Income tax site:

The taxpayer can use OTP (One time password) sent to the registered mobile number and email ID and change the password to login to his income tax department portal.
If the taxpayer wants to change the registered email id and mobile number and then try to access his income tax department portal, he can do the same but with an extra detail among anyone of the following three :

1. TDS/TCS Deduction Details of last 2 assessment years
2. Tax Payment Details – BSR code, Challan Date, and Challan Sequence Number if any tax was paid during last 3 Assessment years
3. Bank Account Number mentioned in last year income tax return.

Option 4: 

The taxpayer can also access his income tax department portal by entering the Aadhaar OTP sent to the registered mobile number and email id with UIDAI.

Note :
If a taxpayer has opted for Option 3 with new email id and new mobile number, the individual will have to wait for 12 hours to access the portal.

Click here to reset Income Tax e-filing Password

Watch Full Video How to reset Income Tax e-filing Password 

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