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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Extension and Payment of Medical Reimbursement Bills upto 31.12.2018 - Guidelines G.O.RT.No.345 dt:22.08.2018

Comprehensive  guidelines  for  extension of   Medical Reimbursement Scheme facility  under APIMA  Rules,  1972 as  specified  hereunder in   supersession  of   the orders  issued  in  the G.O 13th  read above:
I)  (a)  Extension of  Medical  Reimbursement Scheme  from  01.04.2018   to        31.07.2018    according  to  APIMA  Rules,1972   with   CGHS  rates.     

(b)   Continuation  of  Medical  Reimbursement  Scheme  from   01.08.2018 to     31.12.2018    with  EHS  package  prices   replacing  CGHS rates. 

 II)  (a)  (204)  procedures  (which  are appended  to  the Annexure to  this  order)   are now  withdrawn  from  Medical  Reimbursement  Scheme  w.e.f 01.08.2018  and the  same  shall be  continued as cashless under Employees  Health  Scheme  (EHS).

(b)   The Reimbursement  for remaining  (1685)  procedures  shall  be  as  per     EHS rates only w.e.f  01.08.2018. 

III)  However, the  employees  working  in  A.P.  Secretariat;  HoDs; and  Retired employees  and  their  dependents  stationed at Hyderabad  along  with the  employees  working in A.P. Bhavan, New  Delhi shall be  eligible  to continue  Medical Reimbursement facility for  all Employees  Health Scheme  (EHS)  procedures  until  suitable  arrangements  are made,  as issued  in  the G.O.Ms.No.12,  HM&FW(I.1)  Dept,  dt.23.01.2017. 

IV)  If treatment has taken  in any  procedure  which is  not enlisted in  EHS package,  the Scrutiny  of  the concerned  Medical  Reimbursement  bill  will be  undertaken at  the  discretion of  the  Scrutinizing  Authority. 

4. All the  Scrutinizing  Authorities concerned shall take  necessary action accordingly.

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