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Thursday 19 July 2018

Take permission to initiate promotions as per old rules - Unified Service Rules Interim order of APAT

Sub: School Education Unified Service Rules Interim order of APAT, dt.18.09.2017 in OA Nos.2670 of 2017 and 2671 of 2017 Order of High Court, dt.07.02.2018 In WP Nos,32717 and 32738 of 2017 for expeditious disposal of OAs-Reg.

1 From the APAT, Hyderabad nterim order, dt.18.09.2017 I" DA Nos.2670 of 2017 and 2671 of 2017. 
2 From the High Court, Hyderabad order, dt.07.02.2018 In WP Nos.32717 and 32738 of 2017.

           The attention of the GP for School Education, APAT, Hyderabad is invited to the references Cited.

2.   He is informed that against the Interim orders of APAT dated.18-09-2017 in O. A. No. 2670 & 2671 of 2017, the applicant therein filed WP. No. 32717 BI 32738 of 2017 before Hon'ble High Court. The HR}?! Court by orders dated.22.09.2017 made In WP.N0.32717 St 32735 of 2017, directed to maintain “status quo as on today.“ Subsequently, the Hon’ble High Court by orders dated.07-02-2018, disposed the W.P.Nos.32717 & 32738 of 2017 with a direction APAT to dispose the O.A.Nos.2670 & 2671 of 2017 at utmost expedition. In View of tendency of these cases, promotions to the Teachers could not be taken up and the Teachers Associations are pressuring for promotions.

3.   He is therefore requested to make a mention and take permission to initiate promotions as per old rules in order to ensure the proper administration of schools which is being run on in charge arrangements basis and also take necessary steps for listing the case for hearing and expeditious disposal of O.A Nos.2670 of 2017 and 2671 of  2017.

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