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Rationalization of DDOs in the School Education Dept Proceedings and List of New Proposed DDOs

List of HS HMs DDOs Proposed for Merging New Proposed DDOs List for High School HMs. Memo 20027 Rationalisation of DDOs in the School Education Department.

Memo No 20027/1/2018.BG II-finance ,Date 06.05-2018

Sub - Rationalization of DDOs in the School Education Dept- Reg

Ref :

1.Memo No 630/Budget 11/2015.dt 09-11-2015 of Finance Department
2 U O Note No 88088/4444/Budget II2015.dt 30-12.2015 of Finance Department
3 L.r Rc No All/Sol/217-18,dt 02-02-2018 of Commissioner of School Education. AP
4 C No ESE01-18023/17/2018-GENERAL SECT-SE DEPT of School Education Dept .

1.In the references 1'. and 2 cited. the HoDs are requested to examine the feasibility of reducing No of DDOs and to furnish proposals for rationalization of DDOs in their control will relevant Information.

2 In the reference third cited, the Commissioner of School Education Department, Andhra Pradesh has proposed to reduce the existing number of DDOS from 4633 to 666 as detailed below.

  SI No                HoD Existing No of DDOs   Proposed to reduce to      Remarks

 School Education

       4633         666 The proposal of the department is agreed to in Finance. The implementation  shall be with effect from  01.07.2018

3 The Director of Treasuries and Account. Andhra Pradesh and the CFMS team are requested to initiate necessary action immediately for implementation of rationalization of DDOs.

4 The Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh is requested to furnish full details of the proposed DDOs to the Director of Treasuries and Accounts and CFMS team and pursue with them time to time for hassle free implementation of the rationalization without any obstacles.

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The Government have agreed the proposals of rationalization of DDO codes from (4633 high school DDO codes) to (666 MEO DDO codes).So All the DEOs are informed to while enclosing a copy of the DDOs list, it is requested to verify the DDOs list and also verify the High Schools, which are upgraded and allotted new DDO Codes and the same not included in the enclosed list. If any found, furnish the details of schools along with jurisdiction of MEO in the following proforma, at the earliest, so as for taking further action in the matter.

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