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Friday 1 June 2018

Model Schools- Instructions on opening of Girls Hostels and taking admissions Rc.No.233

Rc.No.233/GHS/OS/RMSA/2014-3   Dt.25.05.2018

l.  This office Procs.Rc.No.233/RMSA/2014, Dt.12.03.20 18.
2. This office Proes. Rc.No.233/RMSA/2014, dl.23.04.2018.
3. This office Procs. Rc.No.233/RMSA/2014, Ot.25.04.2018.

              The Principals of Model Schools (123) are informed that the academic year 2018-19 will be commenced shortly. Out of these(l23) Hostels, 106 Girls Hostels will be going to reopen for functioning and remaining 16 Girls Hostels are going to start function from the ensuing academic year.
    Hence, the Principals of Model Schools have to take admissions and procurement of utensils, beds, mattresses. pillows, etc., procurement of double gas cylinder, procurement of rice and appointment of Outsourcing staff shall complete before commencement of the Girls Hostels where the process not
completed. Detailed instructions/guidelines have already been issued regarding admissions, duties and responsibilities of Principals and warden, procurement of Utensils, procurement of rice, procurement of double gas cylinder, menu to be followed and diet chart and procurement of provisions, vegetables, etc.
                 They are further informed that the detailed instructions/ guidelines on the above said contents in the booklet along with description and page numbers have been issued to all the Principals, of Model Schools and the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio Project Coordinators of RMSA in the State vide 1st and 2nd read above.
       Therefore, they are requested to follow the instructions/guidelines issued in the booklet scrupulously for functioning of Girls Hostels. A copy of the same is enclosed herewith for ready reference. Deviation of the funds will be viewed seriously.

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