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Sunday 3 June 2018

Documentation of Gnana Dhaara Programme Guideline Rc.No.21

RC.No.21/B/C&T/SCERT/2018 dt:01.06.2018
Sub: School Education -Gnana Dhaara summer Residential Remedial Programme from 28.05.2018 to 09.06.2018 - Guidelines for documentation of the Programme issued - Reg.

Ref: G.O.Rt NO.109 S.E (Prog.lI) Dt: 24.05.2018

      In view of the ongoing GNANA DHAARA summer residential remedial programme from 28.0518 to 09.06.18 in the identified campuses in all districts in A.P, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to come up with an effective documentation of the programme covering all major events during the programme in different venues. In this connection certain guidelines are hereby issued to follow a standardized process to document the conduct of the GNANA DHAARA.
1. Quality of delivery of the lessons:
a. Ensure to record the quality of classroom delivery subject wise for classes VI and X in the district. Present best delivery mechanisms undertaken by the teachers in the programme in terms of performance of the activities, encouraging peer learning, working on class works and home works, impact of the programme on their learning outcomes etc
2. Pedagogy adopted in classrooms:
a In the event a teacher is adopting any additional innovative pedagogy, a short video (max 2 mins 30 seconds long) of the teacher using that pedagogy must be recorded, and compiled. The file must be saved as <Class>_<Subject>_<TreasuryID>_<District>.mp4.
b. 2 separate folders must be made by each district, one for class 6 and one for class 10.
3. Conduct of co-curricular activities:
a. Short videos ( max 30 seconds) must be recorded of the co-curricular activities that are conducted in each Gnana Dhaara campus. The files must be named as <GnanaDhaara Campus Code>_<Date>_<District>.mp4 and sent to·E·.'in a folder named <District>_ECA.
b. All Gnana Dhaara campuses are to conduct multiple types of co-curricular activities, not just sports. Thus, the videos from districts must include various types of co-curricular activities. like elocution competitions. theater workshops, dance and music classes, poetry writing classes, etc.
4. Students' & parents' testimonials
a. Video testimonials of the students and the parents should be recorded (videos not to be more than 2 mins long), where they are giving their opinion on how the program benefitted them, and ways in which the department could improve the program.
b. The videos must be compiled and sent to in a folder called <District>_Testimonials.
     In view of the above, all the District Educational Officers in the state must ensure that all the
above collateral is compiled and put into respective folders as per the nomenclature defined, and
sent to by 13th June, 2018.
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