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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Un-Aided Private Educational Institutions - Instructions on Administration, Teachers Benefits and Fees Rc.No.118

School Education - Un-Aidc::d Private Educational  Institutions - Certain instructions - Issued.
1. G.O.Ms.No.l, Edn., dated 01.01.1994.
2. G.O.Ms.No. 41, Edn.,(SE.PS.I) Dl. 11.05.2006.
3. G.O.Ms.No.42, Edn.,(SE.PS.I) Dt. 30.07.2010.

       The  District   Educational Officers and  Regional Joint  Directors of School Education  are  aware that  the  permission for establishment  of schools under private  managements and  their   regulations are governed as per the  rules issued  in the G.Os  read  above.

        Further,  they  are  informed that,  the  Government of India  enacted RTE Act, 2009  on 27.08.2009  titled  "The Right  of Children to Free and  Compulsory Education". Sub-Section  (1) of Section 23  of the  RTE Act,  National  Council for Teacher   Education  (NCTE),  New Delhi  has   laid  down  minimum  qualifications for a person  to be eligible for appointment  as  a Teacher for Classes I to VIII in its  Principal  Notification   dated   23rd August,  2010   and   amendments  issued thereon. The  minimum qualification includes a Pass  in Teacher  Eligibility Test (TET) and  D.Ed.,   /  B.Ed.,  This is applicable to all  the  teachers aspiring to work in Government,  Zilla  Parishad,  Municipal,  Welfare Department  Schools,  Aided and  Un-Aided Private  Schools  in  the State.

It is also  noticed that   several  Private  Educational  Institutions  have not following   the   rules   governed   in   the   G.Os  with   regard    to   payment    of minimum  salaries    to  the   teachers  and   other   benefits   like  gratuity,  teachers provident   fund,  Group  Insurance scheme   etc.,   as  per  Rule  18  of G.O.Ms.No. l Education Department, Dated:O1.01.1994.

Further, it    is    informed     that     Rule.20     of   G.O.Ms.No.1     Education Department, Dated  01.01.1994   speaks   that

     "the Educational agency  shall submit  the Annual  Administration  Report in the prescribed proformato  the competent  authority for  very financial year  by the 30th  September  at  the  latest.   SUch report shall   be  supported  by  the  audited statement  of  accounts   of  the  school  duly   audited   by   Chartered   Accountant. Separate accounts  shall be maintained for each school.  Similarly the educational agency,  which  is running  more than  one  school,  shall  also  submit  such  returns within  the stipulated   time to the competent  authority.

     The Inspecting Authority   (Deputy  Educational  Officer/   MEO) inspect   and verify  the accounts   including  payment of the salaries to the staff  during  regular inspections. Any  deviation  is subject  to action against  the school."

    In  view of the  above, it is  inform  to  all  the  Regional  Joint  Directors   of School  Education and  District  Educational Officers in the  State  to instruct   and inform to all the  managements of Private Schools  that:

  • Those teachers  who   are   working  in   Private   Schools    without possessing  pass   TET  being conducted by  the  Andhra  Pradesh School   Education  Department  should   invariably  attend   the  TET and the  managements  should confirm  their  appointment only after passing the  TET along  with  their  regular   qualification   of D.Ed.,   / B.Ed.,   and   other   conditions  stipulated  by  the   Government from time to time
  • Managements  should   ensure to pay  the  minimum  salaries to  the teachers by 1st   of every month through bank.
  • All the  managements  should   ensure to  reach   every  benefits   like Gratuity, Teachers Provident Fund,  Group  Insurance  Scheme etc., to  the   teachers  and   other   staff  as  per   Rule   18  of  G.O.Ms.No.   l
  • Education Department,  Dated:01.01.1994.
  • All the  managements should  issue  Identification Cards to the  staff working  in their  schools
  • All the  managements  should submit   their  Annual   Administration Report  in  the  prescribed proforma   to  the  competent authority for very financial  year  by the  30th  September.
  • The   Inspecting  Authority  (Deputy  Educational    Officer/    MEO) inspect and  verify the  accounts  including payment of the  salaries and  other  benefits   like Gratuity, Teachers Provident Fund,   Group Insurance  Schemes etc., to the staff.
  • All  the   managements  should upload    the   fee  collected   by  them during  the academic year 2017-18    in cse.ap.gov.in  website.
  • All the  managements  should   also upload  the fee to be collected  by them   for  the  academic  year  2018-19 in cse.ap.gov.in   website and   also   display  in  two  prominent  places   visible  to  public   in respective school  premises.
    In view of the above circumstances all  the  RJDSEs and  the  DEOs in the State  are hereby instructed   to take  necessary steps  immediately.

    These   instructions  issued  shall be  scrupulously  followed without   any deviation.   Any  deviation  in  this   regard   will  be  viewed  very   seriously  and necessary action  will be taken as per rules  without any further notice.
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