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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Teachers Transfers 2017 - Not Relieved Teachers - Instructions Rc.No.1882

                                          ANDHRA PRADESH, AMARAVATHI.
                                       PRESENT: K. SANDHYA RANI, I.Po.S..
 Rc.No. 1882/EST-011/2012, Date: 30/05/2018
Sub:- School Education-Teachers Transfers 2017 - Not Relieved Teachers - Certain Instructions - Issued - Reg.
1. Reports of the DEOs in the state.
2. This Office Proc.Rc.No.1882/Estt.III/2017. dt.17.10.2017 & 10.11.2017.
3. This Office Proc.Rc.No.1882/EStt.III/2017. dt.04.12.2017.
4. This Office Proc.Rc.No.1882/Estt.III/2017. dt.18.01.2018.
5. Govt.Memc No.986385/Services.IIA.2/2018 SE (Ser.II) Dept.. dt.12.03.2016.
6. This office Płocs.Rc.No: 1882/Estt.III/2017, dated: 10.04.2018.
    All the District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the state are invited to the reference 6th read above, they were instructed to relieve the not relieved teachers during TTC-2017 Immediately. But, the following are the not relieved teachers during Teachers Transfers Counseling 2017 still pending as per information furnished by them, as stated below:

S.No. District Name Total No of Teachers still pending to be relieved
1 Srikakulam                     7
2 Vizianagaram                     7
3 Visakhapatnam                     4
4 East Godavari 214 (including 203 are from agency area)
5 West Godavari                    1
6 Krishna                    0
7 Guntur                    2
8 Prakasam                    2
9 Nellore                  10
10 Chittoor                  26
11 Kadapa                    0
12 Ananthapur                    0
13 Kurnool                    1
Total                274
 Therefore, all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Officers in the state are once again instructed to relieve the teachers who are transferred but not relieved till to date duly following the earlier clarifications issued by this office immediately.

       This has the approval of the Commissioner of School Education. A.P., Amaravathi.

for Commissioner of School Education
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