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Saturday 26 May 2018

Gnana Dhaara - Guidelines for Distribution of Material, Conduct of Baseline Tests, Monitoring Rc.No.21

Rc.No.21/B/C&T/2018 Dt: 26.05.2018
Sub: School Education -"Gnana Dhaara" Summer remedial Programme Rescheduled from 28.05.2018 to 09.06.2018 -Certain guidelines issuedReg.
1. GO.Rt No.109 S.E (Prog.lI) Dt: 24.05.2018
2. Progs. RCNo21/B/C&T/2018 Dt: 18.05.2018
       In the reference 1st cited above, Govt. of AP have accorded permission to conduct Gnana Dhaara from  28.05.2018 to 09.06.2018 in residential mode in the identified venues/hostels of SW/TW/BCW/APREI/KGBV/APMS/APSWERIS/APTWERIS/MJBAP Residential schools.

      In this regard, in continuation to the orders issued in the progs. Cited in reference 2, all the District Educational Officers are requested to follow the following guidelines.
I. Distribution of Gnana Dhaara Material:

Gnana Dhaara Material supplied to the DEOs to print at district point:
10 Brochure 5000 (per District)
11 Pamphlet 20000 (per District)
12 30 days work plan and instructions booklet One set per venue
13 P.ET module One set per venue
II. Conduct of Baseline Tests:
Due to incomplete mapping of the students to the venues, it is decided to evaluate the baseline test manually. The scores shall be entered online in CSE website to the link to be provided shortly. In this connection please inform the H.Ms to come along with the students of their school on 28.05.18 to the venue along with the child unique 10 (child info number) of his respective school students. End line test will be OMR based test.
III. Monitoring:
  1. District monitoring team
  2. Divisional Monitoring Team
  3. Mandai Monitoring Teams
1 District Educational Officer District Monitoring teams shall visit 3 venues per day and ensure the programme to be conducted as per the scheduled frame work. Update the Observations in the CSE website through the given link.
Principal Govt DIET
2 Project Officer SSA
3 Secretary DCEB
4 Academic Monitoring Officer
1 Deputy Educational Officer Divisional Monitoring teams shall visit 3 venues per day and ensure the programme to be conducted as per the scheduled frame work. Update the observations In the CSE website through the given link.
2 Senior Head master in the division
3 One school complex HM
4 1 members from DLMT
1 Mandai Educational Officer Mandai the Update CSE link.
2 One school complex HM
3 1 senior HM from primary/upper primary school
4 1 members from CRP

Monitoring teams shall visit 2 venues per day and ensure programme to be conducted as per the scheduled frame work. the observations In the website through the given
  1. Use the monitoring proforma given in the annexure to record their observations and to report to the state. Consolidated reports from the Districts should be sent to Commissioner of School Education, State Project Director, SSA and Director SCERT
  2. Mandai/divisional/district teams should address the concerns if any at the venues, immediately
  3. Follow up with the Health and Medical Departments to get timely support and ensure to arrange one ANM in each venue.
  4. Follow up with the Police department and ensure safe stay of students in the hostels.
  5. Coordinate with SE,RWS/CEO,ZP/DPO for arrangement of safe drinking water particularly in the venues where water scarcity is identified.
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