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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Biometric Authentication at DDO and Treasury Level, Errors encountered by the DDOs and Treasuries, Queries on Pension bill submission CFMS Circulars 9 and 10

CFMS Circular – 9


Issue Reported

1 Biometrics Authentication @ DDO Level.
The progress of the presentation of pay and pension bills in CFMS is reviewed and noticed that 27,549 pay bills and 2,452 pension bills have already been presented as on 28.04.2018. Of these about 22,000 have been already pushed to CFMS and are at different stages of processing. These cover 2,81,065 employees and 3,04,180 pensioners. Though the progress of thepresentation of the pay bills is encouraging, since the time for submission within the window for speedy payment of salaries and pensions is getting narrowed down, many of the departments have been requesting to relax bio-metric authentication of the bills for the presentation of the same in the treasuries.

Based on the difficulties expressed by the DDOs at the field level and also the representation of the staff unions and to ease the submission of pay bills in time, it has been agreed to relax the requirement for bio metric authentication at DDO/ Submitter level as one time measure for the April month pay / pension bills only. The DDO submission is based on named User- IDs and passwords. As per the internet usage and IT policy, the responsibility of User- ID, passwords are with the named Users.
2 Certain Errors encountered bythe DDOs and Treasuries.
1. Submitter Not Found: The HOO of each and every office has to maintain Bill Submission Workflow for creation and submission of Bills. This error is due to absence of Workflow in CFMS. The detailed procedure is explained in Circular No.7.
2. Approver Not Found: The treasury officer has to maintain Bill Approval Workflow to process the bills and unless this workflow is maintained DDO cannot create or submit the bill in CFMS.
3. Object Not Found: It is an unexpected technical error rarely encountered by the Users and which should be resolved by SAP technical team. Therefore the users have to contact CFMS Central Help Desk in the event of facing this error.
4. Document Not Parked: This error is usually occurs while submitting the bill by the DDO to the treasury which involves commitment of funds and generation of payable documents which is a time consuming activity. Thus when the network connectivity is slow and mostly in case of bills having large number of beneficiaries, the User has to wait till the activity is completed before closing the session or do refresh to avoid the occurrence of this error. In the event of the occurrence of this error, the users have to contact CFMS Central Help Desk.

3 Queries on Pension billsubmission
 During the Pension bill submission, the following aspect needs to be taken into account. When logged into pension package, after TBR generation, the treasury officer has to perform two activities in case if there are new pensions – under PPO reports (STO) first do cfms-master-posting and then do cfms-trans-posting. In case of no new pensioners, then directly perform cfms-trans-posting.
          In new pension cases, before TBR generation select recovery if any option and key in recovery amounts like commutation recovery against the PPO ID.

CFMS Circular – 10


Issue Reported

1 Biometrics Authentication @ Treasury Level.
The progress of the presentation of pay and pension bills is reviewed and noticed that, while there is a considerable progress in the submission of bills in HRMS and their push to CFMS, there have been multiple issues identified in the further steps.One hindrance that was at the DDO submission level related to the Biometric authentication. This has been relaxed vide Circular 9, Dt.: 28.04.2018. On further review, it has been observed that the latency in the biometric authentication with the UIDAI is hampering the progress at the different Treasury Officer level submission.
 Based on the progress and the above difficulty, and also in view of the desire to ensure in time payment of pay and pension bills along with various requests from the field/ unions, it has been agreed to relax the requirement for bio metric authentication of these bills in all levels at Treasury as one time measure for  the April month pay / pension bills only . The Treasury officials’ approvalis based on named User- IDs and passwords. As per the internet usage and IT policy, the responsibility of User-ID andpasswords are with the end users.

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