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Saturday 7 April 2018

Launch of Vidya Vikaasam program and State Level Dissemination workshop and review of district performance - instructions Rc.No.26

  1. Sunrise Andhra Pradesh -Vision 2029 [Vision framework, goals and strategies in School Education        Memo No 420155/Prog.II/A1/2016, dt.3-2-2017.of Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Minutes of Meeting of the 1st Steering Committee Meeting on TeSAR dt.29-06-17, released by SCERT
  3. Minutes of Meeting chaired by Joint Director and convened by Director, SCERT teleconference with CSSL, Vidya Vikaasam review) dated 08.11.17
  4. Instructions of Hon'ble Chief Minister during the Collector's conference, dated 19.01.18
  5. Minutes of Video Conference conducted with district officials on 29.03.18

The kind attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District 1st

Educational Officers in the State is invited to reference cited, that the Hon'ble Chief Minister's vision for School Education and his direction that Andhra Pradesh should be one of the top three performing States in the Country by 2022. In order to achieve this vision, specific strategies are designed and initiatives being taken up by the School Education Department to eqUip its students with grade appropriate literacy and numeracy competencies, as well as with knowledge and skills relevant for the 21st Century.
Recent Assessments/surveys such as National Achievement Survey [NASj 2017, Annual Survey of Education Report [ASER], 2017 and Student Learning Achievement Survey ISLAS], 2017-18 indicate the grade specific learning levels of School students in Andhra Pradesh and the academic gaps that need to be addressed. Specifically, while Andhra Pradesh performs well and comes in the Top 3 ranks Nationally in Class 3, there is decline in performance of students as they go to High Schools. Additionally, the recent Summative Assessment -1 result highlighted the immediate need for sustainable interventions to improve learning skills of children.
Links to specific survey reports are included below.
1) Link to NAS Reports:
2) Link to NAS Dashboard:
https:! count-yes
3) Link to ASER Reports:
4) Link to SLAS Reports: https:!
In this context, Department of School Education has designed a comprehensive learning enhancement program called Vidya Vikaasam-with an objective to implement systemic and systematic programs that will drive overall improvement in learning outcomes. Specifically, Vidya Vikaasam will use Assessments and student performance data as a lever to identify gaps and holistically improve the pedagogy in classrooms, identify and delivery focused training to teachers, design and implement targeted remediation to students and create awareness in communities. In preparation for the Academic Year, 2018-19 and to utilize the summer vacation to implement certain related initiatives, Vidya Vikaasam is being launched now.
It is the endeavor of the Department of School Education to reach out to all students and teachers in the state through successful implementation of Vidya Vikaasam. To generate momentum and shift the needle of focus to learning of children across the state, the Hon'ble Minister for HRD for State has kindly agreed to formally launch Vidya Vikaasam on April 12th
In view of the above all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Education Officers and Project Officers of SSA are hereby informed that the Launch program will be preceded by a Dissemination workshop combined with Review of District performance with agenda and objectives as per below:
  1. Sensitization of district level officials on learning levels of children
  2. Dissemination of NAS findings, NAS dashboard and SAl results
  3. Review of district performance: Presentation on district analysis (SAl, NAS)
  4. followed by identification of gap areas and proposal of specific interventions
  5. Presentation of proposed Action plan by each district [Dist. Assessment Cell
  6. members may present their findings and plan of Action]
The Dissemination workshop and review of Districts performance will begin 10:30 AM sharp on 12.04.2018.
In this regard all RJDSEs, DEOs POs of SSA are requested to attend the said program
on 12.04.2018 at 10:30 am at Vijayawada (Venue will be intimated later), along with Deputy
Educational Officers, DCEB Secretaries, AMOs of SSA, District Assessment cell members, 2
MEOs, 2 Headmasters and 2 teachers from best performing mandals and schools [State Govt.
and MP/ZP] towards sharing their success stories and best practices. Detailed schedule is
enclosed. Vidya Vikaasam Launch Program is on 12.04.2018 from 04.00 p.m to 06.00 p.m by
the Hon'ble Minister for HRD, Govt of AP.
Further, there are certain preparatory works that are required to be completed by all 12th

Districts before attending the State workshop, on April. SCERT will also conduct a teleconference with all DCEB Secretaries and District Assessment Cell members by 07.04.18 to apprise on the plan of action for preparation and conduct of District Dissemination workshop.
Timeline for preparatory tasks to be completed:
1Provide presentation template to all districts on performance analysis and competency gapsSCERT07.04.18
2 3Teleconference with RJDSEs, DEOsc DCEB Secretaries, State Assessment Cell members & District Assessment cell members on preparation for Dist. Workshops Complete presentation with relevant information and send back to SCERTSCERT DEO, AMO, DCEB Secretary & District Assessment cell members of the District concerned07.04.18 at 11.00 a.m 10.04.18
4Provide feedback on presentation to districtsSCERT10.04.18
5Revise presentation based on feedback and send back to SCERTDEO, AMO, DCEB Secretary & District Assessment cell members of the District concerned11.04.18
Further they are requested to conduct District Level Dissemination workshop and Reviews with all Deputy Educational Officers, Mandai Education officers, Academic Monitoring Officers, DCEB Secretaries, District Assessment Cell members and selected HMs and Teachers
on April in their respective Districts chaired by the District Collector concerned and convened by District Educational Officer and Project Officer. District Assessment Cell members and allocated State Assessment Cell member for each District will attend and support the smooth conduct of these dissemination workshops at District Level.
51. DistrictAssessment Cell memberPhone #
1 SrikakulamMr D. David9550732869
2 VizianagaramMr Durga Babu9493492729
3 VisakhapatnamMr PVN Ganesh9491352261
4 East Godavari 5,6 West Godavari, NelloreMrs Leelaprapurna Mr Ramesh Veluthedan9849214694 8500252139
7 KrishnaMr Masthan Rao9948423527
8 GunturMr M. Nazeer Hussain9701997267
9 PrakasamMr N. Prakash9494467058
10 Chittoor 11,12 Anantapur, KadapaMr Sreenivasa Rao Mr M. Somashekar9490850933 9848342002
13 KurnoolMr P.S. Hari Kiran9491981915
This should be treated as MOST IMPORTANT
This has the approval of the Commissioner of School Education,AP,Amaravati.
End: l.Presentation template for performance analysis 2.Programme schedule.
Download proceedings copy
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