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Tuesday 10 April 2018

CFMS Issues-Clarifications Circulars 1,2,3,4,5

Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is launched on 02.03.2018 and currently being stabilized. One of the main objectives of CFMS, in addition to establishing a Single Source of Truth, is to promote efficiency and effectiveness in public financial management activities. APCFSS is the nodal agency for the implementation, sustenance and support of the CFMS program. Towards this, APCFSS aims at providing seamless services to all the users of CFMS in a structured and focused manner. Every effort has been made to address the requirements of all the diversified departments and individuals. However, during the course of operationalization, users have been reporting issues. While some issues require a change to the design, majority of the issues are related to understanding, adoption, data related and above all patience. Attention, of all the HODs and users is invited to GO MS 40, wherein the Help Desk and issue resolution process is explained in detail. Based on the issues reported so far, the following resolutions and clarifications are being provided and all departmental users are required to make sure that they understand and disseminate the information to all users.
Issue Reported
Missing DDO – HOA Mapping/ Department – DDO Mapping:
Communicate the Service name – HOA – Department and DDO code to APCFSS for Mapping, through Help Desk
Non Acceptance of over the Counter payments by Bank
The issue is taken up with the SBI and instructions were issued to all SBI Branches and issue is resolved.  For any future resolution of similar issues SBI Help Desk @ 9100105060 may be contacted.
Request for New Service clear
Communicate the Service name, Department Name and Head of Account (HOA) to APCFSS for Creation and Mapping, through Help Desk.
Enabling Challan generation of Customized line department services in Citizen Challan Tile:

The service is enabled. The payee can select the relevant services in Citizen Challan Tile by selecting department/ service/ district/ treasury/DDO code and opt for making payment either online or Physical Mode
Queries on Supplementary Bills Submission

The departments have to confirm the Org. Structure and HR data through Finance Department Portal to get their User- IDs activated and to get respective work items in their inbox as per work flow. Once Users are activated they can submit pay bills generated in legacy HRMS.
These bills automatically flow to respective DDOs login in CFMS for Submission and approval by Treasury.

Queries on PD Account Operation

The PD Administrators are required to provide the List of HR and Non Employees Data of those, who are involved in PD Account Operation in the prescribed Template to create and activate User IDs and to authenticate with Aadhar enabled Biometrics in work flow. A worksheet is provided in the existing PD Account Portal and it prompts the User to key in the details immediately after Login by the PD Administrator
1 Missing DDO – HOA Mapping/ Department – DDO Mapping: Communicate the Service name – HOA – Department and DDO code to APCFSS for Mapping, through Help Desk
2 Non Acceptance of DDs in OTC Payments by SBI The issue is taken up with the SBI and it is a local problem of SBI. SBI has assured that it would be resolved immediately. For any future resolution of similar issues SBI Help Desk @ 9030735699/9100105060 may becontacted.
3 Delay in Payment of Pension and salary Bills It is more due to transition issues - transition to new financial year and transition to a new system. Thedata received from legacy system was heterogeneous and was required to be filtered for unwarranted special characters, wrong IFSC codes, non-existent banks etc. However, we could overcome these clean upissues and complete the payments successfully.
4 Login issues The logins of the users are locked. They would be released as and when the HR related data is confirmed by respective HODs duly mapping each employee with respective departmental org units.
Issue Reported

1 Missing DDO – HOA Mapping/ Department – DDO Mapping Communicate the Service name – HOA – Department and DDO code to APCFSS for Mapping, throughHelp Desk
2 Non Acceptance of DDs in OTC Payments by SBI The issue is taken up with the SBI and it is a local problem of SBI. SBI has assured that it would be resolved immediately. For any future resolution of similar issues SBI Help Desk @9030735699/9100105060 may be contacted.
3 Salary Payments not initiated in case of Amount Mismatch Net Amount Mismatch in the Bill: Beneficiary amount is not tallied with that of Total Earnings –Deductions. All the deductions details are not tallied. Hence these bills could not be processed. Correctdetails of earnings and deductions need to be provided by the treasury/PAO for processing those bills again. Action in this regard is on.
4 Salary Payments – Rejected by RBI Transactions are rejected by RBI at initial stage itself on the ground of Invalid / Wrong IFSC. These details are forwarded to PAO/treasury to provide correct IFSC.
These bills would be processed again on receiving Correct/Valid IFSCs.
5 Salary Payments –Returned by RBI due to Wrong Account Number In some of the cases RBI issues a Return Notification and credits back the amount to Suspense A/c under HOA- 8658.

The failed transaction details shall be displayed in DDO’s login, who shall make necessary correction and submit the record to TO/PAO for initiating retransmission of funds.

The Treasury Officer / PAO prepares a consolidated bill of these rectified transactions on daily basis and draws the funds to credit to Beneficiaries Accounts.
6 Creation of Logins The Logins are unlocked for the departments who have confirmed HR data.

Every Office should configure their workflow for preferring bills. The Head of the Office (HOO) should configure this workflow and should normally have, Maker-Checker-Submitter (DDO). Maker and Submitter are mandatory, while Checker is optional. Also, if an office choses they can have multiple Checkers.

Treasury Offices (DTA/PAO/WPAO) will have two workflows to be configured. One for their own office DDO function (as above) and the other for the Treasury function. Treasury Workflow for Bill processing will have Auditor – Verifier – Approver. This has to be mapped for all DDOs under the jurisdiction of that treasury. If this workflow is not configured,DDOs will not be able to submit the bills to the treasury for scrutiny/processing.

PD Accounts PD Portal has been disabled in Legacy System.

To access the PD functionality in CFMS – Users have to be created. To collect data of Users for creation of login credentials, Data entry screen has been provided in the
Legacy application (PD Accounts Portal), where by the Users immediately after login, have to provide the Employee/ Non-Employee details. For this Aadhar Number is mandatory to validate the usercredentials and enable bio metric authentication for each user.

PD Administrator, by default, is HOO and he is enabled with workflow configuration option. Therefore, providing the details of PD Administrator is must.

In respect of Village Panchayats – Sarpanch is the PD Administrator. The other executive member i.e. Panchayat Secretary/ Executive Officer shall be the Maker.

Similarly, where ever Non-Employee is PD Administrator, respective executive authority of that office shall create the credentials of the former.


Issue Reported

1 Irrigation Department - Salaries Pending for the Month of March 2018. Some DDOs of Irrigation Department have presented their pay bills of March 2018 before 31st March 2018, but these bills are in various stages of audit in PAO offices. Hence payment could not be made to the employees.

The PAOs are requested to identify all such bills and complete audit in IMPACT 18-19 by 5 PM of 11.04.2018.

All the audited bills as of 5 PM of 11.04.2018 and not yet paid will be taken into CFMS for payment on 12.04.2018.
2 Salary Payments not initiated in case of Net Amount Mismatch Beneficiary amount (Net Amount) is not tallied with that of Total Earnings minus Deductions. Hencethese bills could not be processed. Correct details of earnings and deductions need to be provided by the Treasury/PAO for processing those bills again. Action in this regard is on.
3 Payments – Rejected by RBI Transactions are rejected by RBI at initial stage itself on the ground of Invalid /
Wrong IFSC. These details are forwarded to PAO/Treasury to provide correct IFSC. These bills would be processed again on receiving correct/valid IFSCs.
4 Issues relating to Non Receipt of payment by the payees. During the NEFT process, the remittance does not occur (mainly due to erroneous bank details), the eKuber process of RBI usually returns the funds and credits the same into government suspense account. In the CFMS process, these failed transactions are displayed in DDOs login enabling them to make corrections and submit so that the respective TO/PAO can initiate resubmission of payment order.

In view of exigency, for the month of March’18, APCFSS will be communicating the failed transaction details to DDOs through respectivetreasuries.

DDOs shall furnish the corrected account details to the concerned treasury officer, who shall be forwarding the same to respective District treasury for consolidation and further communication to the APCFSS to facilitate initiating of payment order resubmission of.
6 Confirmed HR Data – Issues – Request for inclusion of new employees – Movement of employees across offices due to transfers/promotions etc. After conformation of HR data in FD portal by HOD, this confirmed data is uploaded in to CFMS.

To make changes to the confirmed and uploaded to CFMS data, the same has to be carried out in CFMS only. For this, the concerned DDO has to create a ticket, with supporting documents as evidence, in CFMS HELP DESK through registered logins.

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