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Sunday 11 March 2018

Verification and certification of Internal Marks of class X Rc.No.3

Proc.Rc.No 3/B/C&T/SCERT/2016 Dated: 09-3-2018
Sub: SCERT AP Amaravati - Department of School Education - Implementation or Examination reforms for class X - Constitution of 3 member Committee at Mandal level for verification and certification of Internal Marks or class  X students - Orders Issued - Reg.
Ref :-
1). G.O.Ms. No. 17 School Education (Prog.ll) Dept.. dt.14.05.2014
2) G.O. Ms. NO.82 School Education (Prog.ll) Dept.. dt.29.10.2015.
3). G.O. Ms. 0.80 School Education (Prog.ll) Dept.. dt.25.10.2017.
4) G.O. Ms. NO.81 School Education (Prog.II) Dept.. dt.25.1 0.20 17.
5). Lr. Re. NO.3 /B/C&T/SCERT/20 16. Dated: 23-11-2017 Commissioner

   All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that as per reference 2nd &
 3rd cited above Government 01' Andhra Pradesh. Department of School Education has decided to implement CCE pattern of Examination system for class X also. In this connection 20% of  Internal Assessment Marks may be calculated from 4 Formative Assessments and I
Summative Assessment marks. As per the reference 3rd cited above all the District Educational Officers are informed to Constitute a 3 member Mandal level Committee in all Mandals in their respectivc Districts for vilification and certification or 20% or Internal Marks. The Committee consists of the following members in each Mandal.
Member 1 Mandal Educational Officers
Member 2 School Complex Head Master
Member 3 Senior Head Master in the Mandal.
      In this connection all the District Educational Officers are informed to conduct a Coordination meeting with all Dy.E.Os and M.E.Os for constitution of 3 Member Mandal Committee for all Mandals.
   The District Educational Officer should conduct one day orientation to all the Mandal level Committee members on their roles and responsibilities.
    The details of roles and responsibilities of 3 member Mandal level Committee is annexed. In
this regard a teleconference may be organized by Department of School Education. the
details will be communicated later.
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