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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Online Application in NSP Portal Guidelines Rc.No.95

a) All  schools  under  all managements  (Those who have DISE Codes) shall   be  registered    in  National    Scholarship portal immediately to file online applications by the students in National    Scholarship portal.
b)  All  Schools under   all   managements  shall    login   in   to   the   National scholarship  portal    to  update  their   institution   profile   i.e  School   Type, School     Address,    Courses    offered,     contact  person name, mobile number, email id, and  to upload    the  school   recognition   copy)
c)   All the   schools    shall   create  awareness   to  the   students   on  Scholarship programme and online  filling  of application  form  in https://scholarships.gov.in/
d)  All the  schools    shall   complete   the  students   registrations   and  filling  of online  application    in National      Scholarship     portal    on    or    before 15.03.2018  without    fail.
e)   All  the   Schools   shall    login   in   to  https://nsp.gov.in/  to  verify   the students    applications  and  update    students    application    forms    for sanction    of  scholarships,     if  the   student   studying  9th  / 10th class    in their   institution   during 2017-18    and   they   should    be  promoted  in  the previous  year.
f) All   the    schools     are   requested to allow the  Village organization representatives  /  Slum Level   Federation   representatives, Sima Mitras / VELUGU   Staff   to  create   awareness    among the  students regarding this  scholarship  programme.
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