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Thursday 22 February 2018

Mainstreaming of Electoral Literacy in School Curriculum - Setting up of Electoral Literacy Clubs in Schools - Guidelines

ELCs shall be the seat of learning through hangs on experience and shall serve as a vibrant hub of Electoral Literacy for developing and strengthening the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters.
(i) To educate the targeted populations about voter registration, entire electoral process and related matters by engaging them through well designed attractive resources in hands on experience;
(ii) EVM and WPAT familiarization and education about robustness and non tamperability of EVM and integrity of the electoral process using EVMs.
(iii) Capacity building for generating/locating information on what, when, where and how of the elections and electoral process right from a young age of around 14 years.
(iv) To help target audience to understand the value of their vote and exercise their suffrage right in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner.
(v) To facilitate the target audience to understand the constitutionat legislative and legal provisions besides the technological innovation and integration in elections and nature and role of the Election Commission, Courts, Media and other stakeholders.
(vi) To harness the potential of ELC members for carrying the electoral literacy in communities.
(vii) ELCs will facilitate voter registration for its members as they achieve the age of 18.
 The ELCs shall be established as per the following pattern:
(i) ELC Future Voters - for Classes IX to Class XII (Secondary and Senior Secondary Level)
(ii) ELC New Voters - College, University, all other educational institutions including professional and technical educational institutions
(iii) Chunav Paathshala - ELC in communities for the youth who are not a part of the formal education system
(iv) Voter Awareness Forums - In Government Departments, Organizations, Autonomous Bodies, Semi Government and non government and the private sector
ELC Future Voters
Electoral Literacy Clubs will be set up in Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools. The club will have students of Class IX-XII as its members. Students may be encouraged to run the ELC through an elected body of Executive Committee with elected representatives from each of the Sections. Alternatively School may conduct the activities through teachers involving the students.
One or two teachers, preferably from the Humanities Department will act as the Nodal Officers and Mentors for the ELC. The teachers with election duty experience should be given preference for this work. Their duties and responsibilities shall be as detailed at 4.1. in the Project Document.
Download Project Document on Setting up of Electoral Literacy Clubs in Schools
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