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Monday 5 February 2018

AP TET 2017 Mock Tests/Online Practice Tests

                                                          Candidate Instruction Sheet


This Exam is for duration of 2.00 hours (120 minutes)
Marks for every correct answer : 1
Negative Marking for every wrong answer: 0
Marks for the Un-attempted Question : 0

General Instructions:

1. Please ensure that you are not in possession of any prohibited items and you must ensure that you only have your Admit Card and ID proof (in original) with you.

2. Please read the Instructions carefully, then click on "I HAVE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS".

3. You are requested to avoid touching the wires and cables as it could lead to the computer shutting down.

4. In case you face any technical issue while logging into the examination or during the exam, please contact the Invigilator immediately to address the issue.

5. In the event of any technical issue faced during the exam, you are requested to be seated inside the lab for further instructions by the examination conducting authority. No candidate is permitted to leave the examination centre before the schedule time. Any candidate walking out of the lab before the completion of the exam time, i.e. the stipulated 2.00 hours (120 minutes), without the permission of examination functionaries such candidates under any circumstances will not be permitted to enter the examination lab and it may also be noted that his/her candidature will be cancelled.

6. Please make sure you sign in the space provided against your details in the Attendance Sheet, Admit Card, and Rough Sheet. Signing on these sheets is mandatory and without signing these sheets your candidature will be NULL and VOID.

7. All Exam Labs are under Video Surveillance and all activities of candidates are being closely monitored. You are therefore strictly cautioned not to indulge in any unfair means. Such activities would lead to cancellation of your candidature.

About Question Paper:

1) Instructions of the computer based examimnations will be in English. The question paper will be bilingual (EM/TM, EM/HM, EM/UM, EM/TAM, EM/OM, EM/KM and TM/SKT).

2) All the MCQ type questions will have 4 options with 1 correct option. The questions provided across each section can be tagged for ease of revision within the stipulated time for the session.

3) There is a TIMER (Clock) available on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of the Screen; you are requested to keep an eye on the TIMER (Clock) for knowing the time remaining for the completion of that particular section.

4) Only one question will be displayed on the computer screen at a time. In order to attempt next question, the candidates should click on  or to go back click on  button provided at the bottom of the screen

5) The questions can be answered in any order within the given time frame. The candidate should click with the mouse on the correct choice, from 4 options given. In case, the candidate does not wish to attempt a question, it can be left blank.

6) The candidate can change the option of a question later by selecting a new option in case he/she wishes to. In case candidate does not want to answer the question, he/she can deselect the answer by clicking  provided against the question.

7) To move back and forth between questions, candidates should use the  OR  button or click on the question number on the right hand side of the computer screen where question numbers would be displayed along with the `attempted` and `not attempted` status

8) The answers will be saved and marked green in right side question palette whenever the candidate goes for next question, by clicking on  OR  button.

Note: "Candidates are requested to Click on  only once while moving from 1 question to the other. Clicking the multiple times will lead to the Page freezing and the exam will have to be restarted."

9) Candidates have the option to bookmark a question in case they want to review it at a later stage by clicking on the  button available at the bottom of the screen. The Bookmark on a particular question can be removed by clicking on 

10) The question palette at the right of the screen shows the following status of each of the questions numbered

 You have answered the question
 You have not answered the question and marked for review
 You have answered the question but marked for review
 You have not answered the question

PS: Questions which are attempted and marked for review would be treated as attempted questions only as long as the candidate does not  the option selected.

11) On the completion of the test duration, even if the candidate does not click on the  button, his test will be automatically submitted and saved by the computer.

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