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Thursday 25 January 2018

Compassionate appointment to the dependents of the deceased employees of the recognized aided institutions G.O.MS.No.10

G.O.MS.No.  10                                                                   Dated:  25-01-2018      Read the  following :- 1.G.O.Ms.No.687,GA(Ser.A)Department, dated 03.10.1977. 2.G.O.Ms.No.612,GA(Ser.A)Department,dated  30.10.1991.  3.G.O.Ms.No.30,Education(Ser.V)Department,dated  01.02.1994.
4.Govt.,  Memo.No.766/Ser.IV-1/94-2,Edn(Ser.IV)Deptt.,dated  18.05.1995. 5.Govt.,  Memo.No.1366/Ser.IV-1/94-2,Edn(Ser.IV)Deptt., dated 04.07.1997. 6.Govt.,  Memo.No.12080/COSE/A2/2004-4,Education(COSE)Deptt., dated   20.10.2004.
7.Govt.,  Memo.No.8544/PS.I/2005-3,Edn(SE.PS)Deptt.,dt.14.11.2005. 8.G.O.Ms.No.113,Education(SE.PS1)Deptt.,  dated 06.10.2009.
9..Govt.,Memo.No.20360/SE.PS1/A1/2010,dated 09.06.2010. 10. Govt., Circular  Memo.No.35252/Ser.(G)/A1/2011-1,dated 04.12.2013 11.G.O.Ms.No.40,School  Education(PS)Deptt., dated  30.06.2017.      ****
In  the G.O.first read  above,  scheme of  compassionate appointments to the dependents of  the deceased  Government  employees was introduced.   In the G.O second  read above,  further instructions  were  issued  on  the  scheme  of compassionate appointments to the dependents of  the deceased  Government employees,  in  the  G.O  third  read  above; the scheme  of  compassionate appointments was extended  to the employees working  in  Aided/ZPP/Municipal Management Schools. 2. Government in  the  Memo.  fourth read above, clarified that the children of the deceased employees  working  in  Aided  schools are eligible  for compassionate appointment  based  on  the  qualification  in  any  Government  Office/Schools. Again in  the Memo. fifth read above, Government  have  cancelled  the orders issued  dated 18.05.1995 and specific  instructions  were  issued  to the effect that the children of the deceased  employees working  in  Aided  Schools are eligible  for compassionate appointments  only  in  that  School.   Subsequently,  in  the  Memo.  Sixth  read  above, Government imposed ban on creation/filling up  of existing  vacancies of aided posts in  the  recognized  Aided Schools and also  issued orders that the ban orders are applicable  for the  appointments on  compassionate  grounds  in  the  Aided Schools vide  Memo. seventh read above.
3. In the G.O.  eighth  read  above,  Government have  revived  the scheme of compassionate  appointment to  the  dependents of  the  deceased  aided employees working  in  the  aided  institutions  in  terms  of  G.O.Ms.No.30,  Education  (Ser.V) Department, dated 01.02.1994, by  taking  district as a  Unit  and providing  them employment  in  ZP/MPP/Government  Offices  (Not  in  aided  institutions).However, Government have clarified that the orders  issued in  the Memo. ninth read above are with  effect from  the  date  of  issue  of  G.O.,  i.e  w.e.f 06.10.2009 (prospective)  only.
 4.  Meanwhile,  Government  have received several  representations from the People’s  Representatives/Unions with  a request to extend the benefit the scheme of compassionate  appointments to  the  dependents of  the  deceased  aided staff,  with effect from  20.10.2004 (with  retrospective effect).
5.  Government in the Memo. tenth read above have clarified that  the original scheme of compassionate appointment formulated by the General Administration Department is applicable only to the regular employees in Government Department and even though if any Department/Corporation/Cooperative Society/Public Sector Undertakings/Local Bodies(i.e Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Zilla Parashads, Mandal Praja Parishads, Gram Panchayats) have adopted the above scheme, their dependents cannot be given compassionate appointment in the Government Departments and they have to appoint only in their respective office/ Organization as per their rules. If any Department has issued any order in deviation to this, they are requested to withdraw such instructions/orders, if any, immediately. These instructions should be followed scrupulously and any instructions issued by any other Department are repugnant to these instructions, the instructions issued by this Department will prevail over the instructions issued by any other department.
6. Government have withdrawn the ban memo issued in the Memo. sixth read above completely, with immediate effect, vide G.O. eleventh read above.
7. Government after careful examination of the matter and to avoid hardship to the dependents of the deceased employees of  the recognized aided institutions and in the interest of justice and equity, hereby order to make compassionate appointments to the dependents of the deceased employees, who worked in the recognised aided schools, duly relaxation of the Government Memo.No.12080/COSE/A2/2004-4, Education (COSE)Department, dated 20.10.2004 for the dependents of deceased employees in the interregnum period i.e from 20.10.2004 to 05.10.2009 making them eligible for compassionate appointments. However, the compassionate appointments shall be made first in those aided institutions, where the vacancy arose first due to death of the employee, and if there are no such vacancies, then in any other vacancies in aided schools. The orders of compassionate appointment shall be come into force with prospective effect and the eligibility/qualification etc., of the dependent shall be reckoned, as on the date of death of the employee, all other conditions with regard to compassionate appointment shall apply.
8.   The Commissioner of School Education, A.P, Ibrahimpatnam, shall take necessary action accordingly and to take appropriate action for withdrawal of the Writ Petitions/Writ Appeals/SLPs etc., if any filed on the above subject matter. 
                ADITYA NATH DAS       
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