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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Posting of Part time Instructors - Instructions Rc.No 1707

    The attention of all the Project Officers in the State is invited to the reference read above wherein the Art, Work, Health & Physical Education Part Time Contract Instructors Federation has requested the State Project Director, sSA, Ap to consider certain demands on appointment of Part Time Instructors.
     After careful examination of the demands put forth by the federation, the State Project Director, SSA, AP is pleased to issue the following instructions with regard to part Time Instructors:
1. As per the existing norms if enrolment of a school falls below 100, the existing PTIs are being terminated. Hence, necessary action shall be taken to shift them in to nearby schools of the same mandal or nearby mandals.
2. when a regular teacher is appointed in the school, the prls ( working on outsourcing/contract basis) shall be adjusted into nearby schools or nearby mandals where the enrolment is more than 1,00, instead of terminating them.
3. When the regular PET is deputed some other school or college for long period/ one PTI (P.E) shall be appointed to avoid the instructional gaps.
4.It is considered to give age exemption to the working prls in case regular teachers are posted in the same school and they shall be shifted to nearby schools or nearby mandals duly relaxing the age.
     All the Project officers are further informed that the above instructions/clarifications should be taken into consideration to the extent of sanctioned posts in that particular school. The Project officers are also requested to consider the cases of PTIs in all the above cases subject to approval of District Level Committee.
    Therefore, all the Project officers in the state are requested to follow the a bove instructions scrupulously.
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