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Thursday 9 November 2017

Municipal Schools - Up-gradation of LP and PET posts and allotment to High Schools - Amendment to the Municipal Teachers Service Rules - instructions - Lr.Roc.No.24225

Lr.Roc.No.24225/2013/J3-1, dated:03.11.2017
Sub: Municipal Administration Department -Municipal Schools -Up-gradation of Gr II Language Pandits and PET posts into School Assistants of Language and Physical Education allotment to High Schools and Amendment to the Municipal Teachers Service Rules -Orders issued -Certain instructions Issued -Regarding.
Ref: I) This office Lr.No.24225/2013-J3, dated 06.08.2016 
2) G.O.Ms.No.18, Finance (HR-II) Dept., dated 06.02.2017 
3) Govt.Memo.No.24225/Dl/2016, dated] 3.04.2017 of the MA&UD Dept. 
4)This office,dated 05.05.2017 addressed all the RDMAs in the state 
5) G.O.Ms.No.82 Finance (HR-II) Dept., dated 16.05.2017 6) Govt.Memo.No.24225/Dl/2016, dated 05.06.2017 of the MA&UD Dept. 
7)G.O Rt.No.362, 363,364&365,MA&UD (01) Department, dt:I1.10.2017. 
8)Govt.Memo.No.70557/D1I20 17-1,dt.24.I0.2017.
   Invite your attention to the references cited. In the reference 5th cited, Government have issued amendment to the G.O.Ms.No.18, dated 06.02.2017 and Upgraded (872) numbers of posts of Or.II Language Pandits (610) and PETs (262) into School Assistant Posts in the  Municipal High Schools in the State in the pay scale of Rs.28940-78910 as detailed
S.No Existing post Upgraded post Number upgraded
1 2 3 4
I Grade-II Telugu Pandit School Assistant( Telugu) 285
2 Grade-I! Hindi Pandit School Assistant(Hindi) 296
3 Grade-JI Urdu Pandit School Assistant(Urdu) 14
4 Grade-II Sanskrit Pandit School Assistant(Sanskrit) 15
5 Physical Education Teacher(PET) School Assistant(Physical Education) 262
                                                Total 872
2. Further, in the reference 6th cited, Government have issued instructions to allot the Upgraded posts to the Municipal High Schools keeping in view of the necessity and pupil strength of the Schools.
3. Now, in the reference ih cited (copy enclosed), Government have issued the following amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Municipal Educational Subordinate Service Rules, 2016 for the posts of Teachers working in Municipal Schools under the control of Municipalities / Municipal Corporation, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation/ Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation issued vide G.O.Ms.No.320, 322, 323 & 324, dated 07.12.2016, respectively.
In the said Rule,
In Column 4 of the table, in rule 6 (Method of Appointment),
The following shall be substituted in respect of Categories 6to 12of ClassII:
(ii) By Promotion,
From the respective Categories 2 to 8 of Class III for promotion to the Categories 6 to 12 of Class-Il to the extent of 2/3 of vacancies including temporary vacancies.
*Categories 6 to 12 of Class II (School Assistant-Telugu,Hindi,Urdu,Oriya, Tamil, Kannada and Sanskrit)
*Categories 2 to 8 Class III (Language Pandit -Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Oriya, Tamil, Kannada and Sanskrit)
Rule -7 (Qualifications) of different categories and designations of Class -II: 
Qualifications mentioned in G.o.Ms.No.320 & 322, dated 07.12.2016 will be applicable to the posts of School Assistants -Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science, Social Studies, English and Hindi mentioned in G.o.Ms.No.323 & 324, dated 07.12.2016, wherever differences found in the aforesaid orders.
  1. Inthereferencesthcited(copyenclosed), Governmentaftercarefulexaminationhave permitted to take up 100% promotions to the upgraded posts of 610 School Assistants (Languages) and 262 School Assistants (Physical Education) vide G.O.Ms.No.S2, Finance (HR-H) Department, dated 16.05.2017 from Grade-Il Language Pandits and Physical Education Teachers working in Municipal Management Schools.
  2. Accordingly, the list of posts proposed for upgradation of 872 no., school wise and ULB wise which was approved by the Government in the references s" and 7th cited is hereby communicated to all the Regional Directors-cum-Appellate Commissioners of Municipal Administration in the State for Upgrading the Gr.ll posts into School Assistants and fort aking further necessary action in the matter as per the instructions of the Government vide reference 8th cited.
Encl: As above.
                                                                                               Yours faithfully, 
                                                                                        Sd/-K. Kanna Babu
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