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Tuesday 3 October 2017

Girls Hostels to Model schools - Salaries to the outsourcing staff, Diet chart, Sanitation - Guidelines - Rc.No.233, Dt.03.10.2017

       All the District the District Educational Officer & Ex-Officio Project Coordinator of RMSA are informed that some issues have brought to the notice regarding payment of salaries to the outsourcing staff, diet chart, sanitation, etc., regarding Girls hostels.
      In continuation of this office procs., 2nd read above (copy enclosed), the following guidelines are communicated herewith for taking necessary action for smooth functioning of Girls hostels attached to Model schools.
1. Diet details per child:-
i. Each child should receive at least 150 ml of milk in a day, 50 ml in the morning with ragi malt/boost, 50ml in the form of curd/buttermilk at lunch and 50 ml in the form of curd/buttermilk at dinner, Milk should be procured in shape of pasteurized sachets from Government dairies.
ii. Ragi porridge can be served with milk or buttermilk as per the wish of the children. Quantity should be 50ml milk, lOgms ragi malt, 10 gms Sugar. On the days when Boost/Horlicks/Bournvita is served, it should be 3gms along with 50 ml milk.
iii. Basing on the size 3 to 4 puris should be served per child.
iv. Basing on the size 4 to 5 idlies should be served per child.
v. When dosas/chapatis/uttapams are served, each child should receive at least 2 to 3 pieces basing on the size.
vi. Each child should receive at least 200g vegetables per day in different forms in the proportion of 50 g leafy vegetables + 50 g other vegetables lunch and 100 gm of other vegetables at dinner:
• 50 g leafy vegetables
• 50g tubers
• 100g other vegetables
vii. Child should be served with optimum quantity of rice.
viii. Chicken should be served on Sunday. Special officer should supervise the lunch. on the day of chicken is served, each child should receive at least 100gms of chicken. The raw chicken procured should be skinless and should be cleaned well- wash
ix. at least 3 to 4 times with turmeric.
x. In the case of accompaniment such as chutney, chole, etc., each child should receive at least 20gms
xi. Pongali/kichidi should have cereal and dal in proportion of 3: 1 a few vegetables can also be added.
xii. At least 4-5 varieties of leafy vegetables and 6-8 varieties of other vegetables should be served in week. If the vegetable specified in the menu are not available, they may be replaced with other seasonal vegetables available. However, it is essential to ensure variety.
xiii. Egg must be served from Monday to Friday and Chicken on Sunday for lunch.
xiv. Sweet must be served twice a week - once for snacks and once for lunch. As far as possible the sweet must be made by using jiggery rather than sugar.
xv. Fruit must be served everyday at Dinner. There must be variety in the fruits served- alternate banana with seasonal fruit, Rs.3 / - towards the fruits.
xvi. Use of soya a granules, peas, channa, cow pea in currIes for dinner improves protein content.
xvii. Rs. 3/- towards snacks.
2. Salaries to the Out sourcing staff:-
i . The salaries to the Out sourcing staff should be paid from the reporting date / joining date.
The Principal of concerned school is requested to pay the salaries of the outsourcing staff as per the bills submitted by the respective outsourcing agency including PF, ESI, etc. as on par with the
outsourcing staff of Model Schools. Requirement of additional funds if any, the Principals may be informed to this office.
ii. Funds have already been released for outsourcing staff salaries for a period of 02 months initially vide this office Procs. Rc.No.233/RMSA/2014, dt.03.03.2017.
iii. The Principals of Models Schools should be submit the expenditure particulars for the released amount by 05th of every month.
3. Procurement of Rice:-
i. Place the indent and procure the rice in school wise as school unit.
4. Sanitary, soaps,etc:-
i. The Principal of Model School should supply soaps, sanitary, etc. to the children directly.
ii. For Sanitary napkin, contact local ANM and purchase from H & FW Dept.(Health & Family Welfare )stock kept with her.

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